Top 6 Types of Touch Screen Kiosks That are Dominating the Industry in 2023

Serve your customers better, run your business more efficiently

Touch screen kiosks have grown in popularity in a range of businesses and industries due to the customer service benefits they can provide, the efficiencies they can create, and the invaluable insight that can be discovered. We don’t want you to miss out on these business benefits, so here are 6 types of touch screen kiosks you should know about this year, what they are used for, and who is using them.

Do you know what a touch screen kiosk is?

A touch screen kiosk is an interactive solution that allows your customers, for the most part, to serve themselves. The screen itself operates as an input and output device. A user can view information on the screen (output) and use their fingers to touch the screen to enter their required information (input). The touch screen is encased in a purpose-built kiosk that comes in a range of sizes and heights to suit various locations, and offers a range of peripherals to adapt to your particular application.

6 Types of Touch Screen Kiosks You Should Know About in 2023

Here are the top touch screen kiosks that we think you should know about;

1. Directory and Wayfinding Kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks, also known as Directory kiosks, provide a user-friendly digital solution for people to navigate their way around complex or unfamiliar environments. The interactive touch screen is easy to use. Users just need to simply touch the screen with a single finger to activate the application and find the directions or location they are looking for.

Wayfinding kiosks can also display directory information, show the facilities available like food outlets and bathroom amenities, and promote upcoming events within a building. The large front fascia can be branded providing a great marketing opportunity, or a backing-board added to offer additional information at the rear of the kiosk.

Replacing the need for manned information desks, Wayfinding Kiosks can be found in shopping centres, airports, hospitals, museums, government or council offices, schools, university campuses, and other large facilities where people may become disoriented or overwhelmed by the sheer size of the space.


2. Visitor and Contractor Management Kiosks

Visitor and contractor management kiosks offer a self-service solution to streamline and automate the process of registering and managing visitors and contractors who arrive on your site. The touch screen allows users to easily enter details like their name, contact details, the company they are representing, who they are visiting, the reason for their visit, and any other relevant details. The kiosk comes with a camera for photo capture and a commercial label printer, so the visitor can print a self-adhesive badge before entering the business. To exit the visitor can simply scan their badge and check-out to inform the business they have left the site. Visitor and contractor management kiosks can also be used for employee check-in and timesheet management software.

The kiosks are great support for busy reception areas as they can reduce wait times, assist with unmanned entrances, and are perfect for facilities that operate outside of normal business hours. Many businesses across many industries use visitor and contractor management kiosks, especially corporate offices, education facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, government buildings, mining facilities, manufacturing plants, and in any other high-traffic areas where visitor registration management is required.

These kiosks can also help improve the overall safety and security of a facility by providing a digital record of those who arrive on site and provide evacuation reports in the case of an emergency.


3. Queue Management Kiosks

Queue Management kiosks are used to enhance a customer experience on arrival by reducing standing wait times, increasing efficiency, and managing the flow of visitors more effectively. Streamlining queues, interactive self-service touch screen kiosks allow customers to check-in and reserve their place in a line. Tickets can be printed and customers directed to the right staff member for assistance. The kiosks can also provide real-time queue information like the expected wait time, the number of people ahead of them, and the status of their queue position.

Generally located at main entrances, queue management kiosks are used in a variety of high-traffic service-oriented industries like healthcare facilities, customer service centres, banks, government offices, retail stores, airports, and other busy businesses where people are required to wait in line.


Queue Management Kiosk

4. Self-order Self-payment Kiosks

Self-service kiosks allow customers to place orders and pay for the product or services themselves without the need for staff assistance. These kiosks can help reduce wait times, automate the sales process, increase order accuracy, and free up staff so they can focus on other tasks such as food preparation and other customer service tasks.

Self-order self-payment kiosks are used primarily in quick-service restaurants, cafes, airport food outlets, convenience stores, movie theatres, and retail settings where speed and efficiency are important factors in providing a positive customer experience.



Self-order Self-pay Kiosk

5. Document Management Kiosks

Document management kiosks allow multiple users to access various types of documents and information in real-time with ease. The self-service solution can help reduce waiting times, improve accessibility, and provide a secure and convenient way to manage paperwork.

Document management kiosks are used in government offices, libraries, universities, hospitals, education facilities, and businesses with multiple locations.


Document Management Kiosk

6. Bespoke Kiosks

If you have a specific touch screen application that requires a custom kiosk solution, then a bespoke kiosk can be tailored to your needs. InTouch Screens have an Australian design team that can work closely with you to design a clever, modular kiosk that serves the needs of your customers and your business. Take a look at the range of bespoke kiosks InTouch Screens designed for 7-Eleven Parcelmate Stores Australia wide.


InTouch Screens

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