Data comes to life when digitally displayed using graphic visualisation and interactive functionality. Communicate your message clearly and precisely using our range of large touch screens throughout the office and factory. There are so many applications for using touch screens to enable your staff to view, compare and interact with critical company data. We have found real-time data motivates people and drives productivity. See first hand how this works with one of our large 42″ touch screens mounted on the KIO420L.

42″ Kiosk – KIO420L features

  • 42” commercial-grade touch screen in landscape
  • Projected capacitive (PCAP) 10-point multitouch with full HD 1920 x 1080 (16:9 widescreen) resolution
  • Edge-to-edge glass with a brushed aluminium trim
  • High clarity display with protective toughened glass and Windows 10 and 11 compatible
  • Australian designed, manufactured & supported
  • Screen angled at 40 degrees for both standing and wheelchair use
  • 3-year warranty included

Drive Change

  • Display goals and targets to help influence behaviour
  • Give context to data to assist in communicating statistics better
  • Real-time data means staff can check live graphs daily which acts as a reminder to change their habits and work towards team and individual goals
  • Motivate your sales team by bringing their sales targets and KPIs into public knowledge
  • Use up-to-date data to display overheads such as power consumption to bring about awareness and change
  • Set up an interactive notice board, so the information can be relevant to everyone and viewed at any time
  • Remind staff of upcoming events using digital dashboards located in communal areas such as kitchens and entrances
  • Interact naturally in meetings using data which you can manipulate using pinch, pan and zoom functionality


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Have any questions about Data Visualisation?

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Connecting the Business

  • Connect departments and offices by visually sharing data about each group 
  • Staff can understand operations better with animated data, making it more fun and interesting to review
  • Digital dashboards around the office can display company news, HR announcements, leader boards, events, safety alerts and more
  • Better communication means more informed and engaged staff
  • Bring your Human Resource team’s data out of the backroom and into the front office
  • Bring data to life with digital visualisation for the office, production lines, stockrooms, meeting rooms or even for the sales people on the road
  • Monitor inventory and stock in real time during meetings which require moment-to-moment decision-making
  • Recognise both individual and group accomplishments
  • Reconnect your front and back house operations by displaying data between the two

Meeting Rooms

  • Replace PowerPoint presentations with interactive data visualisations
  • Enable the presenter to drill down into more detailed data when required
  • PowerPoint is limited to what you can prepare, while live data dashboards have all the information at your fingertips
  • Avoid dark rooms and weak lighting from projector screens while presenting in full HD from the touch screen
  • Present vast volumes of data quickly and easily using charts and graphs
  • Use interactive games to make your meetings fun