In today’s fast-paced world, nobody likes waiting in long, tedious lines. Whether it’s at a busy retail store, a government office, a healthcare facility, or a bustling restaurant, standing in line can be a major source of frustration. This is where Queue Management Kiosks come to the rescue! These smart, user-friendly devices are revolutionising the way businesses manage queues and enhance customer experiences across Australia.

What is a Queue Management Kiosk? 

A Queue Management Kiosk is a sophisticated hardware solution designed to streamline and organise customer queues effectively. With a blend of cutting-edge technology, intuitive design, and user-friendly interfaces, these kiosks aim to minimise wait times, reduce frustration, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Improve your customer’s waiting experience:

  • Eliminate traditional, frustrating standing queues
  • Allow customers to take a seat while waiting
  • Reduce perceived waiting times and improve customer experience
  • Create queue efficiencies with staff members servicing the best matched customer based on their service selection

Popular industries for queue management:

  • Student service centres
  • Medical centres
  • Government service centres
  • Hospital patient check-ins
  • Banking and financial services
  • Legal service centres
  • Busy retail customer service
  • Local council service centres
  • IT / Mobile Phone Help Desks

Benefits for the customer:

  • Wait from the comfort of a chair, shop or grab a coffee while you progress in a queue
  • Reduce waiting anxiety by understanding the current expected wait times
  • Select a service from the kiosk to ensure they are assisted by the right staff member

Benefits for your Customer Service Staff:

  • More efficient queuing and happier customers
  • Give customers freedom of movement
  • Skill based servicing ensures staff members are trained to assist the customer based on their service selection
  • See pre-registered details so you can greet customers by name
  • See how long the customer has been waiting
  • Reduced need to keep on informing anxious customers of how long they need to wait
  • Display helpful, relevant information on large digital displays


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Why choose InTouch for your Queue Management Kiosk

In Touch Screen is a leading Australian provider of Queue Management Kiosks. We have successfully deployed our Australian designed and manufactured kiosks to hundreds of Corporate, Government and Education clients around Australia. 

Some of the reasons that our customers have chosen us for their Queue Management Kiosk hardware are:

  1. We are specialists in the touch screen and  hardware business.

We specialise in touch screen hardware. We have rolled out many thousands of installations across Australia and are experts at supplying and supporting touch screen hardware. If you want reliable commercial grade hardware then speak to our team of experts. Our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way. With InTouch, you’re not just getting a kiosk; you’re getting a tailored solution that merges seamlessly with your goals. 

  1. They can BYO Software.

InTouch Screens does not develop any software in-house and 90% of our happy customers source their own software solutions, then choose InTouch as their preferred Australian made kiosk hardware partner. However, with decades of collective experience from our team members deploying kiosks for Australia’s leading Enterprise, Government, Health and Education organisations, we have worked and collaborated with some of the best software developers in Australia for each of these niche applications. If you are not ready to BYO software and need an intro to help you find a software partner to pair with our InTouch Kiosk Hardware, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to steer you towards a well suited software provider.

  1. We only source and use commercial quality components 

A touch screen kiosk is a long-term investment. InTouch Screens incorporate high-quality components and peripherals that are built to withstand the rigours of daily use, ensuring that the kiosk remains operational and reliable for years to come.

  1. Designed, manufactured, branded and supported in Australia

InTouch Screens is your go-to destination for top-tier Australian-made kiosks. Our kiosk range is smart, adaptable, and modular – designed to perfectly suit your environment and software needs. Supply us with your branding guidelines and high resolution artwork and we can personalise the look and feel of our kiosks to be stylish and on-brand. 

Since all our kiosks are designed, manufactured, branded and supported within Australia, we have full command over the entire production and delivery process. This ensures you can rely on us to deliver your customised solutions punctually and with absolute assurance.


Have any questions about your Queue Management Touch Screen project?

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