A Visitor Management Kiosk is a touch screen kiosk solution that is designed to automate and optimise the processing of visitors and contractors when they arrive on site. Common installations include corporate head offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and industrial sites. A visitor or contractor management kiosk allows visitors to independently check in and out of a premises while maintaining a high level of security and WHS compliance.

Components of a Visitor or Contractor Management Kiosk

Commercial Visitor or Contractor Management Kiosks come with an array of features and configurations tailored to the specific needs of different industries. These features include:

The kiosk enclosure itself is a key component of the Visitor or Contractor Management kiosk. In Touch Screens for example has a whole range of quality touch screen kiosks, our KIO190VRT Visitor Management Kiosk has been designed specifically with Visitor and Contractor Management in mind. Its slimline design with a small footprint features soft curves, smooth tapers and a flush industrial glass finish, making it suitable for stylish corporate head office lobbies. At the same time, the robust steel construction with a durable powder-coated finish and the toughened glass allows it to comfortably withstand a harsh environment such as a factory, workshop or high-traffic public space. The tamper proof housing makes it ideal for unattended use. Our 3 year 24x7 warranty provides confidence that you have purchased a quality product, that is both manufactured and supported in Australia for your peace of mind. 

InTouch Screens incorporates our renowned commercial grade, projected capacitive (PCAP) 10-point multitouch touch screens into our visitor and contractor management kiosks, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability available. This user-friendly touch screen interface makes it easy for visitors and contractors to input their information, making the check-in process quick and intuitive. And because we are one of Australia’s leading touch screen monitor suppliers, the touch screen monitor itself is nearly always in stock, making any replacements fast to replace and thereby minimising any downtime.

The kiosk incorporates a high definition camera for photo capture, so that you can be assured of who has been on site. This high quality photo can of course be sent to the host employee as part of the instant notification that their visitor or contractor has arrived.

The entire kiosk has been designed around ensuring that the height and angle of the integrated camera makes it ideal for visitors and contractors to easily centre their face for their photo. This is a key feature of a Visitor or Contractor Management kiosk. No-one wants to be standing on their tippy toes or ducking their heads to try and get their face centred, and our kiosk has been designed from the ground up to make this as easy as possible. 

Upon successful check-in, the integrated commercial grade label printer in the kiosk can generate visitor badges that display important information like name, photo, purpose of visit, and expiry time. Anyone who has purchased a touch screen kiosk with an integrated printer before knows that the quality of the printer is one of the most important elements of a kiosk, since regular printer jams can be one of the most frustrating parts of using a kiosk. At InTouch Screens our commercial grade printers have been used across hundreds of installations and are renowned for their quality and reliability. They are also usually readily available should they need to be replaced inside or outside of warranty.

Many industries have specific legal and compliance requirements for visitor management. For example, the business may need to track who has been on site, for what periods, or who is on site at any particular time. Visitor and Contractor Management Kiosks can help automate the collection of necessary information. Our integrated QR/barcode scanner is an important element of this, enabling the visitor or contractor to easily scan their badge on exit to ensure that they are registered as having left the site.

InTouch Screens can work with you to create bespoke solutions that integrate your preferred peripherals such as RFID readers, scanners or printers. We often also incorporate our customers' branding on or around the kiosk and even offer fully wrapped solutions to create a fully bespoke solution for their requirements.

Kiosk Features

  • Australian designed, manufactured & supported 
  • Robust steel construction, durable powder-coated finish 
  • Freestanding design with option to bolt down baseplate 
  • Built-in high definition webcam
  • Built-in stereo speakers 
  • Power & data feed from wall or floor through the baseplate 
  • Modular design for addition of optional peripherals 
  • Cooled with thermostat activated fan and louvres 
  • Key lockable access door, tamper resistant design 
  • Internal PC shelf (PC sold separately or supply your own) 
  • 3 year RTB warranty included

Why order your Visitor and Contractor Management kiosk from InTouch?

InTouch Screens is a leading Australian provider of Visitor & Contractor Management Kiosks. We have successfully deployed our Australian designed and manufactured kiosks to hundreds of Corporate, Government and Education clients around Australia. 

Some of the reasons that our customers have chosen us for their Visitor & Contractor Management Kiosk hardware are:

1. A specialist touch screen hardware supplier

We specialise in touch screen hardware and have rolled out many thousands of installations across Australia. InTouch are the experts at supplying and supporting touch screen hardware. If you want reliable commercial grade hardware then speak to our team of experts. Our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way. With InTouch, you’re not just getting a kiosk; you’re getting a tailored solution that merges seamlessly with your goals.

2. BYO Software

InTouch does not develop any software in-house. 90% of our happy customers source their own software solutions, then choose InTouch as their preferred Australian made kiosk hardware partner. However, with decades of collective experience from our team members deploying kiosks for Australia’s leading Enterprise, Government, Health and Education organisations, we have worked and collaborated with some of the best software developers in Australia for various applications. If you are not ready to BYO software and need an intro to help you find a software partner to pair with our InTouch Kiosk Hardware, please reach out to us get in touch and we’ll do our best to steer you towards a well suited software provider.

3. Commercial quality components

A touch screen kiosk is a long-term investment, so we only use the very best commercial quality components in our kiosk builds. These high-quality components are built to withstand the rigours of daily use, ensuring that the kiosk remains operational and reliable for years to come.

4. Designed, manufactured, assembled and supported in Australia

InTouch Screens is your go-to destination for top-tier Australian-made kiosks. Our kiosk range is smart, adaptable, and modular – designed to perfectly suit your environment and software needs. 

Since all our kiosks are designed, manufactured, assembled and supported within Australia, we have full command over the entire production and delivery process. This ensures you can rely on us to deliver your customised project on time,  with absolute assurance.

Note that InTouch Screens does not supply kiosks for outdoor environments including anywhere that kiosks will be exposed to rain.


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Need a different form factor?


  • Clever modular design allows addition of multiple peripherals
  • Freestanding counter top kiosk
  • 19” commercial-grade touch screen 1280 x 1024 resolution

Wide Screen Design - KIO215VRT

  • 21.5″ touch screen 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Includes HD camera, 2D scanner & thermal label printer

Have any questions about our visitor & contractor management kiosk?

Call our team of touch screen experts on 1300 557 219 or contact us


Virgin Australia entrusted our kiosk to manage contractors, visitors and staff as they enter into staff facilities by installing the InTouch custom branded KIO190VRT Visitor Management Kiosks throughout the terminals. With photo capture, printing of visitor badges, and time and attendance tracking, the Visitor Management System gives the management team live and historical data for those on-site, past and present, so they know who is onsite at any given time.

Read our full case study 


Coca-Cola required a solution to streamline visitors arriving at their Head Office, and contractors completing works at distribution centres, which would provide full transparency to their Operations and Health & Safety Managers. They achieved this by installing KIO190VRT Visitor Management Kiosks in 20 locations around the country. Contractors’ credentials are checked against an approved database to ensure inductions and insurances are up-to-date. Users simply check in, and have a daily visitor badge printed for the duration of their time on-site. Contractor Management / Induction Kiosks for Coca-Cola offices and depots. 


Attractive freestanding kiosks allow staff members to print temporary staff passes, visitors to self check-in for meetings and contractors to use when arriving on-site. The Visitor Management Kiosks, custom branded for Optus, are installed throughout Optus campuses and have built-in printers, barcode/QR code scanners, cameras and lanyard holders to streamline the process and reduce queue times.


The Toll Concierge Kiosk allows for visitors and contractors to sign in at unattended reception areas, and notifies Toll staff by SMS and email, of their arrival on site. It also provides Safety Managers with live evacuation reports and historical data of visitors and contractors on site.