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Touch Screen Monitor Kiosk

Choosing the Right Touch Screen Monitor Kiosk for your Application

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It can be hard to know which touch screen monitor kiosk is right for you and your business. There are after all, quite a few to choose from. We thought …MORE >
Anti-Reflective Guide to Touch Screen Monitors

Ultimate Guide to Anti-Reflective Touch Screen Monitors

How do Anti-Reflective Touch Screen Monitors Work? Anti-reflective glass is a solution that is offered for touch screen monitors and touch screen kiosks that are situated in locations with high …MORE >
La Trobe University Check-in Touch Screen Kiosk

How Universities are using Touch Screen Kiosks in an Education Environment

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Universities across Australia trust our touch screen monitors and touch screen kiosks to enhance the experience of students, teachers, and visitors who come onto campus. Let’s look at how Universities …MORE >
Advantages of Industrial Touch Screens Over Normal Displays

Advantages Of Industrial Touch Screens Over Normal Displays

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Industrial touch screens are becoming part of our everyday life, especially with more and more businesses realising the benefits to customers and staff, but do you choose an industrial grade …MORE >
commercial touch screen monitors

What is a Commercial Touch Screen And Why You Want One Of Ours?

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The touch screen monitor market can be divided into two primary categories in terms of product quality and market focus. These categories are: Consumer grade touch screen monitors Commercial grade …MORE >
KIO190 Stanton Council Library Touch Screen

Touch Screens for Councils and Libraries

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We have been installing touch screens into councils around Australia helping them to serve their customers better. The results have bought numerous benefits to both the community and council staff …MORE >
The Differences Between Capacitive, Resistive, Industrial and an IP65 Touch Screen

The Differences Between Capacitive, Resistive, Industrial and IP65 Touch Screen Monitors

Some History of Touch Screens Today we all have a touch screen in our pocket (as part of our phone), but it wasn’t always the case. Touch screen monitors are …MORE >
Touch Screen Monitors Retail Self Check-out Bunnings

Increasing Sales in a Retail Environment with Touch Screen Monitors

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Touch screens are an emerging trend in retail stores as innovative technology that is being used to engage customers like never before. The experiences that customers are exposed to through …MORE >
32" Interactive touch screen for Retail Banking Suncorp

Use of Touch Screen Monitors and Touch Screen Kiosks in Banks

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InTouch Screens has worked with a number of banks to provide a variety of touch screen solutions and we welcome enquiries relating to how to effectively use touch screen monitors …MORE >
Time-saving Healthcare Kiosks are the Future

Time-saving Healthcare Kiosks are the Future

#healthcare kiosks#kiosks#multi touch technology#patientcheckin#self checkin
It’s true, our healthcare workers work really hard and are committed to providing the best service possible in what always seems to be a fast-paced environment. Healthcare kiosks can really …MORE >

Why are Touch Screen Monitors Worth the Investment?

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Return on Investment via savings on Labour Costs Touch screen monitors and touch screen kiosks can be some of the easiest technologies to calculate and justify the return on investment, …MORE >

How can interactive touch screens help bring museums to life?

#multi touch technology#museum touch screen#touch screen#touch screen technologycommercial touch screen
Imagine allowing visitors to touch the future! With seamless, 10-point multitouch PCAP technology – well this is now a reality. Users have endless possibilities at their fingertips with commercial touch …MORE >
The Complexities of Using Industrial Touch Screen Monitors in Extreme Temperature Environments

The Complexities of Using Industrial Touch Screen Monitors in Extreme Temperature Environments

Industrial touch screen monitors are an important and common tool in industrial environments such as warehouses, factories, mines, industrial kitchens, and food processing plants. Industrial touch screen monitors provide an …MORE >

How to Reach a Wider Audience Using Touch Screen kiosks

#kiosks#multi touch technology#touch screen#touch screen kiosk#touch screen technology
A certain segment of the general public are now experienced in using touch screen kiosks for a range of various tasks including wayfinding at shopping centres, self-order and payment at …MORE >

The Workplace Reimagined with Touch Screen Technology

#multi touch technology#PCAP touch#touch screen#touch screen kiosk#touch screen technology
Over the past two years the workplace has been reimagined, reinvented with more flexibility to move and grow during the pandemic.  As employees worldwide slowly start to return to the …MORE >

KIO-LITEs – Countertop Kiosk Modularity at its Best

#kiosks#multi touch technology#QSR#self ordering kiosk#touch screen
There is no doubt our KIO-LITE range of countertop kiosks can do so much with such a small footprint for almost any business or application. The KIO-LITE touch screen kiosks …MORE >
Event automated check in kiosks KIO190VRT

Can Self-Service Kiosks Really Improve Customer Service?

#kiosks#QSR#self ordering kiosk#touch screen kioskcommercial touch screen kiosk
Allowing your customers to use a self-service kiosk to interact directly with your business has many benefits for your customers, your staff and your organisation. Let’s look at the advantages …MORE >

Why Do Museums Use Touch Screen Monitors?

#multi touch technology#museum touch screen#PCAP touch#touch screen#touch screen technology
Visitors may have appreciated looking, and yet their opportunities to interact, discover, learn and engage were limited. But today touch screen solutions and touch screen kiosks allow museum visitors to …MORE >

Why You Should Use A Touch Screen Kiosk

#touch screen kiosk#touch screenscommercial touch screen kioskindustrial touch screen
Add a commercial touch screen to a cleverly designed and crafted kiosk and you have a robust kiosk solution that will stand the test of time. Not only do they …MORE >

5 Types of Touch Screen Monitor Technologies

#multi touch technology#PCAP touch#touch screen#touch screen technology#touch screens
Whether you want to interact with an application, browse the internet, scroll through galleries, utilise wayfinding maps, or access general information about a business – a touch screen monitor makes …MORE >

The Pros & Cons of a Touch Screen Interface

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It will assist you to understand the technology and ascertain which touch screen interface is best for your particular project and required outcomes.  What is a touch screen interface? A …MORE >
Why Commercial Touch Screens are Better for Business

Why Commercial Touch Screens are Better for Business

#multi touch technology#PCAP touch#touch screen#touch screen technology#touch screens
If you’re thinking about investing in consumer-grade electronics, like a tablet for your business, there are some rather important points you should consider. Is it going to stand the test …MORE >
Museum Touch Screens

Museum Touch Screens and Touch Screen Kiosks

#kiosks#multi touch technology#museum touch screen#PCAP touch#touch screen technology
Traditionally museums have been a very “hands-off” experience where visitors are asked to refrain from touching in order to preserve exhibits, but with today’s modern touch screen technology a trip …MORE >
Free standing Touch Screens for NSW Health Mass Vaccination Centres

Using Touch Screens in a COVID environment

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Many of our customers have questioned using touch screens in the COVID environment. After all, there is a global “don’t touch” campaign. But the two leading authorities in the fight …MORE >

Touch Screen Monitors

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InTouch Screens is Australia’s leading supplier of commercial-grade touch screen monitors. We work with many of Australia’s largest organisations from government departments to  a whole range of SMEs. Here’s some …MORE >

Self-Service Check-out Kiosks

#QSR#self ordering kiosk#touch screen kioskcountertop kioskfreestanding kiosk
Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) are seeing the great rewards on their bottom line when adding self-order payment kiosks to their establishments. Not only are these freestanding kiosks proving to be …MORE >

Kiosks for Visitor Management & Contractor Registration

#touch screen kioskindustrial kioskvisitor management
Visitor registration kiosks not only allow organisations to monitor people that visit their site, they can also complete the total check in procedure. Imagine replacing the old cumbersome sign-in book …MORE >

Benefits of Touchscreen Technology

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There has been an incredible growth in the use of touch screen technology across almost all industries.MORE >

Self-ordering kiosks really do increase profitability

#QSR#self ordering kiosk#touch screen kiosk#touch screens
I am passionate about kiosks but it’s even more exciting when I hear how they are impacting our customers’ financial performanceMORE >
10 -point multi-touch technology

What is 10-Point Multi-touch Technology?

#multi touch technology#PCAP touch#touch screens
A 10-point multi-touch screen refers to a touch screen that has the ability to recognise and respond to ten simultaneous points MORE >

Self Check-in kiosks for Medical Centres

#healthcare kiosks#kiosks#self checkin
Quick & easy self-check-in of patients to Riverside Medical Centre Medical centresMORE >

Seriously, in the age of mobiles, do we still need kiosks?

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This is a question I’m often asked, and the answer is yes. Touch screen kiosks definitely have their place, and will do for a long time yet.MORE >

If you don’t serve your customers, somebody else will

#QSR#touch screen kioskindustrial touch screenself service kiosk
When escaping to the snow for a weekend, I’ve often watched the procession of buses arrive at food and petrol service centres that you see along the major highwaysMORE >

Education & Training with Touch Screen Kiosks

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Interactive Kiosks for Learning, Training & Education for Fire Safety With a generous 21.5” touch screen for content.MORE >

Keyboards built into kiosks for Internet use

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Touch screen kiosks with integrated keyboards giving visitors Internet access The slimline KIO190 19” free-standing touch screen kioskMORE >

New self-service touch screen kiosk for payments

With an ongoing commitment to always offering amazing customer service, Maroondah City Council have installed the KIO190 City Pay Kiosk to give rate payers flexibility and access to payment services …MORE >

NBN Roll Out Australiawide

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Information checkpoint kiosks for retail hubs in locations where NBN roll-out is live NBN required attractive, free-standing, tamper-resistant kiosks to be located in retail hubsMORE >

150 Touch Screens installed in Melbourne Museum

#museum touch screen#touch screen
‘Screens Worlds’ is a permanent interactive exhibition open to the public which explores the moving image in all its forms: film, television and digital culture. With 150 touch screens sized …MORE >

University installs new touch screen kiosks

Adopting new technologies for greater efficiency and a better student experience, La Trobe University have installed the InTouch KIO190 touch screen kiosk for self-serve checkout and payment processing. The slimline …MORE >

Kiosks and Touch Screens for any Application

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InTouch Screens has been supplying businesses and governments with large touch screen displays for many years now. Our touch screens are supplied either as stand-alone display monitors or fitted into …MORE >