Choosing the Right Touch Screen Monitor Kiosk for your Application

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It can be hard to know which touch screen monitor kiosk is right for you and your business. There are after all, quite a few to choose from. We thought you might find this article useful where we discover what a touch screen monitor kiosk actually is, the different types currently available and some things to consider when choosing the best kiosk for your business.

What is a Touch Screen Monitor Kiosk?

A touch screen monitor kiosk is essentially a self-service kiosk that allows customers to help themselves at their own convenience and at their own pace. They provide a customer with the satisfaction of being able to get information, or complete tasks, quickly at just the touch of a finger.

From a business owner’s perspective, touch screen kiosks not only provide customers with information, but they gather information too. The kiosks can serve as an output and input device all at the same time. Plus they can bring many time-saving benefits to a business by automating processes that serve customers quickly and reduce repetitive tasks for staff.

Types of Touch Screen Kiosks

We offer a variety of touch screen monitor kiosks to suit a wide range of applications for almost any business;

  • Wayfinding Kiosk Businesses with large footprints benefit from using wayfinding kiosks to provide information and directions to their customers. In an unfamiliar environment, customers can easily get stressed if they do not know where they are going, or if they cannot find a staff member to assist. Wayfinding kiosks can act as a directory lookup and provide digitalised floor plans or maps so customers can comfortably find their way.
  • Check-in Kiosk Check-in kiosks are a busy reception desk’s best friend. The kiosk can be configured to check customers, visitors and staff in, and print self-adhesive name badges as well. On the way out, the kiosk can also be used to check out by simply scanning the visitor badge. Security staff take great comfort knowing exactly who is on-site at any one time which is especially important in the case of an emergency.
  • Self-order Kiosk Self-order kiosks have so many benefits for the customer and the business, The user feels empowered to be able to place their own order, and pay for it themselves. And businesses love the time it saves staff freeing them up to focus on the other elements of customer service. The automated processes that self-order kiosks provide can also help to produce error-free orders.
  • Queue Management Queue management kiosks help to alleviate frustrating standing queues. Once customers have entered their details into the kiosk they are automatically placed in line and can take a seat and relax until it is their turn. The kiosks also help to match customers with the right staff member who can assist them quickly, creating an overall happy customer experience.
  • Bespoke Kiosk At InTouch we are known for our bespoke kiosk solutions. Our in-house design team take a dedicated approach to find out what your objective is before putting their heads together to design the perfect kiosk. Take a look at the 7-Eleven ParcelMate® kiosk that our team designed, and has since been installed in over 575 stores across Australia.


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Things to Consider When Choosing a Touch Screen Monitor Kiosk

There is a lot to think about when choosing a touch screen kiosk. Here’s a quick rundown of the things we feel are important;

  • Design Our touch screen monitor kiosk designs take into consideration ergonomic features like screen angles and heights, for both seated and standing guests. The casing is strong, robust, tamper-resistant, and built to stand the test of time. We also offer flexibility with a range of mounting options and peripherals available.
  • Product Range Our touch screen kiosks offer consistent design elements featured in all sizes from 19” to 42” allowing you to easily mix’n’match products for a consistent professional look.
  • Local Manufacturing At InTouch Screens we are proud to design and manufacture our products right here in Australia. Our Head Office, with a showroom, is conveniently based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
  • Latest Technology Our touch screen monitors all have the latest 10-point multi-touch technology for fast responsive reliable interactions. Customers can use simple hand gestures like pinch, pan and zoom to really interact with your business.
  • Branding / Marketing Opportunities We are proud of our brand, but you won’t find our label on any of our products. That is simply because we want to give you the opportunity to add your brand to the kiosk. Our free-standing touch screen monitor kiosks have a clear front fascia, free of rivets and screws giving you the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand. Some of our models also allow for an overhead signage board to be added for additional branding opportunities.
  • Compatibility Our touch screens are compatible with Windows 10 and 11.
  • User Guides and Troubleshooting Resources You’ll find all of our user guides and troubleshooting videos online so you can conveniently access them any time of any day.
  • Service We service customers Australia wide including all capital cities and as remote as Karratha in WA and Uluru in NT.
  • Warranty Our touch screen monitor kiosks come with a 3-year RTB (return to base) warranty.
  • Cleanability Our flat bezel-free screen design with edge-to-edge toughened non-porous flat glass surface allows for easy cleaning with alcohol / isopropyl products. There is no ‘home button’, ‘raised buttons’, or ‘raised frame’ to collect dust, grime, and germs and there is no ‘treatment to the glass surface‘ that deteriorates with regular cleaning. Read our article on using touch screens in a COVID environment, it includes a cleaning guide too.


We hope this article has provided you with the information you need to guide you in the right direction for choosing touch screen monitor kiosks for your business. If we can assist you with any more advice for your project, contact one of our sales team on 1300 557 219 or email [email protected].