Digitise your Workplace with Touch Screen Technology

Work Smarter not Harder

If you are a business owner, manager, or leader you know how important it is to keep your employees motivated so they can perform at their best. Transforming your huddle spaces, meeting rooms, and conference facilities with easy-to-use touch screen technology creates a professional environment to do just that. Let’s take a look at the benefits that touch screen technology can bring to your workplace, the InTouch touch screen difference, and some of the different touch screen solutions available to you.

Benefits of Touch Screen Technology in Huddle Spaces, Meeting Rooms and Conference facilities

  • Encourage real-time collaboration – Touch screens placed in meeting rooms and huddle spaces allow employees to utilise their creativity at work. Problems can be discussed and solved, ideas can grow, and thoughts can be visualised and brought to life.
  • Improve communication – Touch screen monitors are an easy way to help your team communicate more effectively with each other during a meeting or presentation. When the information can be easily displayed on the screen in a written or visual format, it is easier for all participants to have a clear understanding of the topic at hand.
  • Improve presentation flow – The sheer nature of a touch screen monitor that allows the presenter to use natural finger movements on the screen, like pinch, pan and zoom, means they can naturally control the presentation and not get distracted by trying to operate a remote or computer to move through the presentation content.
  • Increase engagement – Touch screens make it easier for everyone in the meeting to get involved, whether they are in the room, or joining the meeting remotely. Presenters can respond to feedback taking real-time notes keeping the presentation relevant and lively.
  • Bring the team together – Touch screen technology helps to bring the team together when staff are in different locations or who may work from home. One of the biggest learnings for businesses during the COVID pandemic is the staff can work productively from home and client meetings can be held as video conferences.
  • Save time – Using a touch screen during a meeting means that you can keep everyone on the same page keeping the meeting moving which saves time for everyone involved.
  • Improves access to resources – Touch screens allow presenters to access different resources and platforms easily and quickly. During a meeting, a presenter can easily switch between documents to share relevant information. Not only does this save time in preparing for a meeting as not all the information needs to be added to a PowerPoint presentation like in the past, but it also provides a more professional approach.
  • Present professionally – All of the points above come together to help you deliver professional presentations whether it’s internally to colleagues, or externally to new and existing clients.

The InTouch Touch Screen Difference

We often receive compliments on how well-appointed our range of touch screens are. Not only do our touch screens look elegant with stunning edge-to-edge glass, rounded corners, and silver trim, but they perform well too. Here are some of the technical specifications of our touch screen range;

  • The latest fast response 10-point multi-touch projected capacitive technology that supports simple finger gestures of pinch, pan, zoom, and swipe that allow users to navigate the application software with ease.
  • High clarity full HD 1920 x 1080 screen resolution to deliver crisp, clear images.
    Consistent visual appearance from 10” to 55” allowing you to mix’n’match screen sizes for a coordinated look.
  • The larger screens in our range, 32”, 43”, and 55” have an 8mm bezel, the thinnest on the market today for maximum visual impact.
  • Touch with a finger, stylus, and most gloves.
  • High-quality, commercial-grade components.
  • Front sealed for water and dust resistance, enabling easy cleaning and care.
  • No touch-point-drift and no calibration required, ever.
  • Driver-free plug-and-play operation for Windows 10 and 11.
  • 3-year, 24 hours a day, 7-days a week return to base warranty.


We also offer a range of compatible accessories to support our touch screen range including desktop stands, mobile floor stands, slimline floor stands, and wall mounts, all suitable for portrait or landscape orientation.


Touch Screens for Huddle Spaces and Conference Rooms

The configuration of touch screens in your meeting or conference room will depend on a few factors like the size of the room and where the screens are to be placed. Here are three of our touch screens suitable for a variety of workplace spaces. Each of these three touch screens have a thin 8mm bezel allowing your content to dominate the screen.


The INTS550-4K touch screen boasts a large 55” touch screen perfect for meeting rooms that accommodate 5-10 people. Two of these screens can be placed side-by-side in meeting rooms that can accommodate 10+ people.


The INTS430-4K touch screen has a large 43” touch screen ideal for meeting rooms that accommodate 5-8 people.


The INTS320 touch screen has a large 32” touch screen which is a great size for meeting rooms that accommodate 2-4 people.


INTS550-4K 55" Touchscreen for Video Conferencing


Digitizing your workplace can change the way your company works. Touch screen technology increases collaboration, efficiency and engagement every time it is used. Pair it with the technology and resources you already use to make your team more productive every day. With touch-screen monitors in your huddle spaces and meeting room, you’ll enhance your presentations, work sessions, and meetings to make your business more productive and profitable.

If you would like to discover which of our touch screen solutions are suitable for your workplace, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team. Drop them a line [email protected] or call 1300 557 219 today.