How Universities are using Touch Screen Kiosks in an Education Environment

Enhancing Learning Experiences

Universities across Australia trust our touch screen monitors and touch screen kiosks to enhance the experience of students, teachers, and visitors who come onto campus. Let’s look at how Universities are using our solutions and the InTouch products they are favouring.

Touch Screen Kiosks in Entrance Areas and Key Locations

Let’s face it, university campuses are large and can be daunting at first when you are trying to find your way around. This is where touch screen kiosks can play a very important role. Touch screen kiosks located at university entrances and in key locations around the campus where traffic is high, can be used for;

  • Checking In and Out
    • Upon arrival students, visitors and contractors use the visitor check-in kiosks to sign in and print self-adhesive visitor badges at the touch of a finger. The built-in high-definition webcam takes your photo in an instant. On departure, by simply scanning a barcode on their badge, the visitor can vacate the premises and the head office will be alerted in real-time via their visitor management software. Replacing the traditional visitor sign-in book, check-in kiosks save time for all visitors, contractors, university reception staff and security, especially when there is a need to know exactly who is on-campus at any given time.
  • Wayfinding and Information Directory
    • Universities can be like rabbit warrens with lots of lecture theatres, meeting/study rooms, student lounges, and offices located around the campus, some very hard to find. This is where the generous screen size of our 43” landscape wayfinding kiosks helps people easily find their way around campus. Designed to clearly present maps and offer directions, the multitouch screens allow visitors to pinch, pan and zoom to get even clearer directions.
    • The Information directory can also act as a staff directory where students can search for academic university staff by their name, title, position, faculty, organisational unit, or department, and then offer clear directions on how to find their office or lecture room.
  • Digital Signage
    • Touch screen monitors, whether wall mounted or on a mobile floor stand so they are easy to move around, are great for promoting upcoming events, like open days, tours, sporting events, university games, trivia nights, or special offers that faculties may be offering.
    • The marketing department will always find a message to share during quiet periods too.
  • Pay for Parking
    • Self-service kiosks with EFTPOS terminals located near the entrance to car parks, or in reception areas, can allow users to pay for parking, whether that is to top up a parking card, pay for a casual visit or validate free parking for those who qualify.

Touch Screens in Lecture Theatres

Introducing touch screen monitors into the lecture theatres is transforming the way teachers educate and students learn.

Lecturers can deliver professional presentations to students that are engaging and interactive. This hands down, beats reading from slides and documents and keeps the subject interesting, which in turn keeps students engaged. And when students are engaged with the learning materials, they are able to retain information more easily.

Interactive technology also makes tuition easier for those with different learning levels and abilities, or who have difficulty staying focused. The visual learning experience can be easier for some students to absorb information. This style of teaching encourages and supports inclusivity for students of all abilities and learning capacities.

Touch Screens Kiosks in Student Lounges, Study Spaces, and Learning Hubs

Touch screen kiosks can be used for a number of different applications in student areas;

  • Self-order and self-pay kiosks allow students to browse courses, register, and self-pay.
  • Touch screens used in study spaces allow students to participate in interactive learning and collaborate with fellow students through video conferencing, especially with students who may be located in a different part of the university or on a different campus.
  • Wall-mounted touch screens placed outside the study spaces can be used to check room availability and make on-the-spot bookings for individual use, or group work.
  • Touch screens can be used to promote and accept registrations for upcoming events and other offers.
  • Universities can seek important feedback directly from students through surveys.

Preferred InTouch Products the Universities are Choosing

Visitor Management

Our visitor management kiosk comes in two different sizes. Choose from the 19”or the slightly larger and wider format 21.5” screen size. Regardless of your preferred option, both touch screen kiosks offer the same great features and can be adapted with optional peripherals to create the perfect solution for your application.

La Trobe University Check-in Touch Screen Kiosk

Key features;

  • Slimline design with a small footprint
  • Industrial touch screen with 10-point multi-touch technology
  • Flush finish for ease of cleaning
  • High definition camera for photo capture
  • Industrial printer for visitor passes
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • QR/barcode scanner
  • Tamper proof housing
  • Branding opportunities


Our most popular wayfinding and information kiosk used in Universities is the KIO420L-42”. Not only does it have a large bezel-free touch screen, but the ergonomic screen height angled at 40 degrees has also been expertly designed so that the kiosk is comfortable for those in a standing or seated position making it accessible and friendly.

KIO420L Wayfinding Kiosk

Key features;

  • High clarity display with protective toughened glass
  • 10-point multi-touch technology supporting gestures link pinch, pan, and zoom
  • Option to add overhead signage panel
  • Flush finish for ease of cleaning
  • Free standing design to ease of placement
  • Key lockable access door and tamper-resistant design
  • Durable powder-coated finish with branding opportunities available
  • 3-year RTB warranty

Touch Screens

One of the features that Universities across Australia like about our touch screen range is the finish. Regardless of the screen size you choose, 10” to 55”, or the orientation you use, each screen has the same elegant finish. The flat bezel-free screen with rounded corners, is surrounded by silver trim that looks stylish in any environment. And you can easily mix’n’match screen sizes to give a professional look.


Key features;

  • Minimalist design
  • Edge-to-edge glass
  • Fast, responsive 10-point multi-touch technology
  • Driver-free, plug and play operation for Windows 10 and 11
  • VESA holes on the rear for flexible mounting options
  • Guaranteed for consistent 24/7 operation and covered with a 3-year warranty


With multiple benefits for students and educators alike, it’s no wonder more and more universities are choosing to install our touch screen solutions to better enhance their services. Being able to improve learning experiences across the board is what every university strives to achieve.

If we can assist you with any advice for your touch screen university project, contact one of our sales team on 1300 557 219 or email [email protected]