The InTouch industrial range of touch screens have been designed to provide users with a robust, durable and rugged solution that will ensure reliable operation in most industrial environments.

They are regularly used in mines, factory floors, workshops and other manufacturing environments requiring robust protection against the hazards of an industrial environment.


  • Machinery integration
  • Industrial automation
  • Labour and job tracking
  • Kiosk enclosures
  • Ticketing machines
  • Vending machines
  • Gaming and amusement
  • Greasy and dirty environments
  • Retail in-shelf installation

Machinery integration and factory automation

Touch screens technology provides a natural, intuitive and efficient interface to your machines, controllers, robotic systems and manufacturing information systems. By means of touch input, users can operate complex computing devices with relative ease. Touch screens facilitate organisations to improve quality, reduce direct labour, increase flexibility, make more products, and obtain more accurate and useful real-time information.

Built to Last

  • Rugged metal chassis
  • High clarity toughened glass for impact and scratch resistance
  • Seamlessly front sealed for water and dust resistance 
  • Easy care and cleaning

Labour and Job tracking

The ability to effectively track labour and job costs is a tremendously valuable strategic asset for companies. Yet, many organisations continue to rely on manual timesheets and job costing systems, which can be time-consuming, contain some risk for human error and lack real time feedback. Today, touch screen monitors and kiosks are the tool of choice for most labour and job tracking systems. Enabling organisations to swiftly measure the capacity and efficiency of departments, teams and employees, and enable them to make fast decisions on production priorities.

  • Fast and accurate job tracking
  • Easy to use touch interface
  • Works with a finger and most gloves


  • Hidden
  • Hidden

Safety Compliance

Touch screen technology provides a simple, friendly and intuitive interface to your safety compliance system to help ensure that your site is always compliant. Imagine swapping out paper forms, memos, dust-covered manuals and confusion for a touch screen device running a simple controlled process. Date and time stamp critical data associated with your business compliance activities. Provide your worksite with access to all necessary safety documentation and key company information instantly and efficiently. Provide real time visibility to managers and relevant staff and create an environment where your employees can perform their job not only in the most efficient way, but in the safest manner possible.

Flush Mount Bezel Free Integration

Our PCAP bezel free technology is perfect for flush mounted installation if required. This means that not only will your screens look great, but they will not collect the dust and other contaminants that block the sensors in the bezels of other touch technologies. It also means that they are easy to keep clean, since the flush screen surface can be quickly and easily wiped down with a microfiber cloth.

Industrial Touch Screen Options Available in: 10″, 15.6″, 19″, 21.5″, 32″, 42″ & 55″. 

Open Frame Options Available in:  19″ & 21.5″

Optional Open Frame Design

Our unique open-frame design is available in two convenient sizes and offers the optimal trade-off between screen size and cost. The 19” (5:4 ratio) provides excellent screen area and plenty of space for most applications. Or for those wanting even more screen area, the 21.5” (16:9 ratio) wide screen layout presents a large amount of information in a small amount of vertical space. These popular sizes allow information to be presented in the same format as your office monitors. Both screens can be mounted in both portrait and landscape modes.

Multiple Mounting Options

Many mounting options provide easy integration into your industrial automation equipment, cabinetry, kiosk enclosure or other equipment. The VESA mounting holes on the rear, and the additional mounting points on the tops and sides, provide you with flexibility to install them perfectly in your environment. Also, the clever thin design enables them to easily fit into small spaces.

PCAP Technology

Projected Capacitive (PCAP) technology is the same fast, reliable technology that is used in most modern smartphones. When delivered on our toughened glass, with built-in scratch resistance, 10 point multitouch is a solid and robust technology that is ideally suited to industrial environments.

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