Provide an immersive environment for your library visitors to explore, discover and learn in an engaging environment. Become a leader in the digital library space by adopting the latest in wayfinding and touch screen solutions as powerful communication tools.

Libraries have grown digitally and have taken a more modern approach to the way they supply their data to patrons. They now provide a range of services such as media, study spaces, books, maps, learning-hubs, multimedia break out areas  and often spaces where people can gather to collaboratively work on projects together.

Libraries have become mini digital environments, and we have seen strong growth in this area with the increase of remote learning and working. Touch screens and kiosks draw attention and provide an engaging platform  for library patrons to make use of, whilst still keeping with the traditional library setting.

We are now seeing Libraries as  information hubs and touch screen technology helps to increase the information available to visitors efficiently, eliminating the need for additional staff to search catalogues, give direction or manage loan resources.

Top 5 Library Solutions:

  1. Wayfinding – helps  visitors find book locations quickly and easily with an animated path from the kiosk to the shelf location
  2. Catalogue Browsing – search by genre, category and keywords and check if the book is available for borrowing.
  3. Multimedia Catalogues view the full catalogue of multimedia content, podcasts, interviews and documentaries on a touch screen interface with headphones
  4. Information Kiosks Display answers to FAQ’s, e.g. “How to connect to internet” or “How do I apply for a Library Card”, assist with public transport information, promote upcoming library community events.
  5. Self-check-out Kiosks – Improve the visitor’s experience with an Express Lane for Self-check-out and reduce the queuing times and burden on library staff members.

“We have found our InTouch Screens kiosk a valuable addition for our 2 largest libraries. The build quality is excellent, and the screen very responsive and reliable. I can see it being extremely popular in a more public place with a younger audience, and it would be a great asset to display tourism information. Movies and interactive pages are very easy to display and set up with TouchPresenter and would attract a lot of attention in this environment.”

Mark Shelton, Technology & Innovation Coordinator, Fraser Coast Libraries


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Visitors have the ability to do all this with the touch of a finger, only enhancing the user experience even more. Within the digital library environment, visitors can:

  • View the latest events taking place at the library or in the local community
  • Search library catalogues real-time using keywords, specific categories or genres
  • Quick access to items located within the library and externally
  • Search and loan books or resources
  • Navigate the complex informational world of the library
  • Be directed by enhanced visual queues
  • Move throughout buildings more accurately and efficiently

Using touchscreen technology libraries are able to:

  • Focus on providing innovative patron-centric library features
  • Business analytics
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Improve your library backend and data management
  • Display large promotional posters or videos when the touch screens aren’t being used by visitors
  • Reach, inform and influence library visitor and their behaviour
  • Seamless remote updates to the directories

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Eliminate negative user experiences that can come with a maze of floors, buildings and the variety of resources. Leading-edge libraries are adopting touch screen technology and making information even more readily available for its visitors and at the same time making the space engaging, interactive and comfortable.