Empower your visitors to learn, explore and discover.  Give visitors a much more hands-on experience through the use of touch screen interactivity. Touch screen solutions attract attention and enable  your visitors to learn about, and engage with your exhibits for a truly immersive and memorable learning experience.

Touch screen applications

  • Exhibit information – create visually engaging and socially interactive visitor experiences. Add a video from the artist and provide more background information on every artefact in your museum
  • Navigation / wayfinding – touch screen solutions are an effective tool to help visitors navigate your museum or gallery and are especially cost-effective compared to fixed or printed signage, especially when you require regular updates to cater for temporary displays
  • Virtual exhibitions – your preferred exhibit may be unavailable, space may be limited, insurance and transport costs may be prohibitive, extra Covid restrictions in place or wear and tear may be a concern, but with a touch screen your visitors can see, touch, explore, discover and learn about your virtual exhibits from every angle
  • Gift shop – Provide your visitors with a greater selection of merchandise to purchase via a touch screen without the need to hold additional stock. Allow them to browse and purchase their favourite replica or poster in any size with convenient delivery direct to their home address

“ACMI has been very impressed with the level of consultation on products and service delivery provided by In Touch to date, and we are delighted with the look and quality of the new In Touch screens in our permanent exhibition Screen Worlds”

Michael – Australian Centre for the Moving Image


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Benefits of touch screen solutions for museums & exhibit information

  • Bring an exhibit to life with a mixture of narration, sounds, videos, pictures, maps, 3D and more
  • Engage  visitors at a deeper level by providing additional information about an exhibit or adding some further context to it
  • Enable visitors to learn using their preferred styles (Visualising, Auditory and Kinesthetic)
  • Inspire visitors to discover more and to retain the knowledge more effectively through interactivity
  • Encourage socially interactive visitor experiences
  • Easily provide multilingual information
  • Save on guide costs by allowing visitors to help themselves to additional information
  • Increase the accessibility and relevance of information by providing it in different formats suitable for various demographics such as young children, adults, students and experts

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Modern, stylish integrated touch points for exhibit catalogues and education for MCA

To help guide and educate visitors through their current exhibits, MCA have integrated the InTouch 22” and 32” touch screens throughout the museum. Every detail of the museum’s appearance is important, and the attractive pure flat edge-to-edge industrial glass and brushed silver trim fit nicely into the building’s newly renovated style.

We’re proudly Australian owned and operated, offering local support and expert advice. With extensive experience delivering and supporting hardware solutions to some of Australia’s leading companies, our local manufacturing strategy gives us full control of the quality, timing and  customisation which ensures a smooth roll-out every time. Many of Australia’s leading museums have chosen to work with InTouch for their touch screen solutions.


Federation Square in Melbourne’s ACMI Australian Centre for the Moving Image

“Screens World” is a permanent interactive exhibition open to the public at the ACMI in Melbourne which explores the moving image in all its forms: film, television and digital culture. With 150 touch screens sized 15”, 19”, 22”, 32” and 42” installed throughout the display, the consistent, elegant, minimalist form factor of the InTouch displays perfectly presented the content in portrait and landscape formats. Busloads of children on school excursions enjoy the interactive display every day of the week.

Why purchase from us

  • The stunning edge-to-edge industrial glass and elegant rounded corners attract users to engage with your content
  • The 10-point multitouch PCAP technology enables plug and play multitouch gestures like pan, pinch & zoom. This is the same technology that is used in most smartphones, so visitors interact with it effortlessly
  • The high clarity Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen resolution (most sizes) delivers rich images that will engage visitors in a truly immersive experience
  • The kiosks are designed ergonomically at the optimal height and angle so that they can be conveniently interacted with by anyone, regardless of height or ability
  • We have the most consistent visual appearance of kiosks and touch screens from 10” to 65”, and in both landscape and portrait formats
  • We offer a consistent form factor with extended product life cycles with no change to the exterior appearance and dimensions for 3 – 5 years. This is helpful if you are building them into joinery and want to be assured that any warranty replacements will still fit the display and future additions will match your initial touch screen installation

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Our touch screen monitor solutions and kiosks are not only stylish and beautiful, but are also reliable and robust. They are the choice of many modern museums and galleries around Australia and are igniting a whole new level of engagement.

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