Online shopping, price comparison apps and COVID have not only increased direct and online competition for traditional retailers but have also put pressure on retailers to adapt new technologies to provide a better experience in-store.

  • Display your entire catalogue of products, show the customers where the items can be found in store
  • Customers can use the touch screen kiosk to order stock that is not available in store
  • Collect personal details such as email and phone numbers with promotions and giveaways
  • Use these customer contact details to develop your database and send the latest promotions
  • Surveys and questionnaires can also help you collect information to improve the retail experience
  • Replace the cash register with touch screens and payment terminals 
  • Use both small and large touch screens for in-store advertising and promotions

Benefits of touch screens in retail environments

  • Increased sales
  • Richer shopping and customer experience – customers who visit the store, and have a smooth positive shopping experience will be motivated to come back again
  • Ability to provide an entire range – not just what is in store
  • Bridge the gap between your online presence and your Bricks and Mortar store
  • Up-to-date campaigns pushed directly from head office to all stores

Endless Aisle

  • Customers can shop from the full range of products available, not just those located in store
  • Touch a real life sample in-store but choose a different colour or size to be shipped directly to their home – convenient and impressive
  • Give in-depth information to your customers – often far more than staff members will be able to provide if you have a large product range
  • Allow customers to perform the transaction and pay on the touch screen, or simply create a shopping list and print a receipt for payment at the shop’s POS before exiting


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Digital Catalogues

  • Save on printing costs and still provide customers with the option to print. Our Touch Screens can connect to all peripherals such as scanner, printers and more
  • Unlimited size as you do not need to keep everything in stock but rather have shoppers purchase online in-store and have their items delivered to them
  • Allows users to look for information beyond what your staff may be able to provide
  • Allow customers to perform the transaction and self-pay on the touch screen, or simply create a shopping list and print a receipt for payment at the shop’s POS before exiting

Our touch screen monitors and kiosks are the choice of many retailers across Australia and are igniting a whole new level of engagement with their customers.

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Why purchase from us

  • The stunning edge-to-edge glass and elegant rounded corners attract users to engage with your content
  • The 10-point multitouch PCAP technology enables plug and play multitouch gestures like pan, pinch & zoom. This is the same technology that is used in most smartphones, so visitors interact with it effortlessly
  • The high clarity Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen resolution (most sizes) delivers rich images that will engage visitors in a truly immersive experience
  • We have the most consistent visual appearance of kiosks and touch screens from 10” to 55”, and in both landscape and portrait formats
  • We offer a consistent form factor with extended product life cycles with no change to the exterior appearance and dimensions for 3 – 5 years. This is helpful if you are building them into joinery and want to be assured that any warranty replacements will still fit the display and future additions will match your initial touch screen installation