A New Era of Teaching: Integrating Interactive Touch Screen Monitors in Education

Create efficiencies, enhance learning experiences, and improve communication

Interactive touch screen monitors are transforming the way education facilities interact with students and campus visitors. Schools, universities, and other educational facilities are finding the use of touch screen is creating efficiencies, enhancing learning experiences, and improving collaboration. Let’s take a look at how touch screen monitors can support these benefits and more.

What are Touch Screen Monitors?

Firstly, let’s look at what a touch screen monitor is. By definition, a touch screen monitor is an input and an output device. A user can view information on the screen (output) and use their fingers to touch the screen to enter the required information (input).

As touch screen monitors can easily be operated with the simple touch of a finger, they can be a powerful resource for any education facility in a number of ways.

How Touch Screen Monitors are used in Education

Some educational facilities can be quite large, with a lot of students and visitors onsite at any one time. Touch screen technology can meet the needs of people quickly, and more efficiently than manual processes, plus provide an engaging experience.

Student, Visitor, and Contractor Management

On arrival, students, visitors, and contractors can be met by a touch screen kiosk to provide an efficient check-in process. Equipped with a scanner and printer, visitors can enter their details or scan ID cards, and print visitor labels without the need for assistance from reception staff. Visitor and contractor management kiosks help to keep standing queues to a minimum and are well suited to busy reception areas, unattended entrances and campuses open outside normal office hours.

Directory and Wayfinding

Positioned at entrances, and in key locations around a facility or campus, touch screen kiosks used for Wayfinding can quickly provide directions for students and visitors who are looking for a lecture room, study hub, professors office, bathroom amenities, or food outlet, amongst other onsite facilities. A digital map can provide clear, concise visual directions with ease.


Self-payment kiosks allow students to pay for courses and other on-site services at a convenient time for them. This is especially useful for students who are on-site before or after the office may open. Self-service payment kiosks not only create efficiencies for students, they also automate processes for office staff that save them precious time.

Interactive Learning Creates Engaging Lessons

Touch screen monitors can offer an interactive way to learn. Teachers can easily incorporate multimedia elements like videos, images, and animations into lesson plans, keeping students engaged, motivated, and importantly focused.

Teachers can also use touch screen monitors to show detailed charts, graphs, or diagrams to help explain complex topics. Our touch screens offer 10-point multi-touch technology, which is mentioned further on in this article, that allows teachers to zoom in to see and explain the finer details.

Digital Whiteboard

Touch screen monitors can be used like digital whiteboards. Notes can be written on presentations, diagrams drawn, and important areas highlighted during a class or lecture. These notes can be saved for future reference, making it easier to review, share in-class ideas with students, and revise lesson plans.

Group Collaboration

Touch screen monitors can encourage group collaboration among students. Touch screens allow multiple students to work on the same screen simultaneously, promoting teamwork and communication skills. Students can work together to solve problems, brainstorm ideas, and create presentations, all of which are essential skills.

Distance Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of distance learning, and touch screen monitors have played an important role in making this possible. Teachers can hold online classes using touch screen monitors to provide an interactive and engaging learning experience that students in different locations can attend.

Accessible Education

Touch screen monitors can improve accessibility for students with disabilities. Those with visual impairments, mobility issues, or other disabilities can interact with digital content more easily.

Easy Installation, Low Maintenance, and Limited Training

IT departments view touch screen technology as an all-in-one solution compared to some traditional classroom resources like interactive whiteboards and projector-based technology. Screens and kiosks are easy to install, are suitable for a range of applications, require very little maintenance, and can offer longer warranty periods due to the industrial grade components. To learn more, you might enjoy reading this article, Advantages of Industrial Touch Screen Monitors.

Suitable for a range of applications, touch screen monitors are very easy to use and require minimal training. Simple finger gestures like swipe, pinch, pan, and zoom control the screen quickly making them an easy resource for those in the classroom, lecture theatre, study hub, or meeting room. Learn more about 10-point multi-touch technology here.

Touch Screen Monitors are Valuable Resources for Education Facilities

More and more education facilities around Australia are installing touch screen monitors and kiosks for the benefit of their students, teachers, and visitors. Resources that create efficiencies, improve learning outcomes, facilitate communication and collaboration and help to overcome accessibility challenges are favourable investments, especially in schools and universities.

InTouch Screens have provided touch screen solutions to a range of education facilities Australia wide. We are trusted by;

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❤️ Macquarie University
❤️ Knox Grammar
❤️ Australian National University
❤️ And high schools around the country

InTouch Screens

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If you would like to discuss how touch screen technology can transform the way you interact with students, visitors, and contractors in your education facility, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team. Drop them a line at [email protected] or call 1300 557 219 today.