Interactive Touch Screens for Museums

Turning Visitors into Participants

There are many ways that interactive touch screens for museums can be utilised, making the experience for visitors second to none. Commercial touch screen displays are perfect for public spaces as they are a robust yet elegant solution. Now an integral part of most museum projects, there are a wide range of sizes available from 10” to 55” that vastly improve the user experience and allow them to explore exhibitions first-hand. Another brilliant option for museums is touch screen kiosks, they add another exciting interactive layer to the overall museum experience.

Some Perfect Ways Touch Screen Monitors and Kiosks can assist Museum Visitors


Having wayfinding kiosks placed throughout the museum will assist in visitor traffic flow, help them to find exhibitions, food outlets and other amenities with the museums. A custom piece of software is a great solution for multi-level galleries with clickable floor plans.

Queue Management

Avoid front of house staff being overwhelmed on popular exhibition days and use a freestanding queue management kiosk so guests can check in at their leisure. This frees up front desk staff to also tend to visitors and other important tasks.

Self-order and Self-payment

Your museum may have a cafe or shop integrated, allow visitors to scan or order and self-pay with a freestanding self payment kiosk. These are great time savers in busy periods throughout the day and relieves the stress on staff members.

Product Promotion

Touch screen panels for museums are a great solution that can be wall mounted and are built to run 24/7 with content to promote museum products and upcoming events. As visitors move around the museum product promotion kiosks can be strategically placed to catch their eye and keep them up to date on what’s happening that month, and into the future.

Benefits of Touch Screens for Museums

Touch screens can play an integral role in museums by presenting content that pertains to a particular exhibition. Acting as an interactive billboard, touch screens will deliver high-impact content to your visitors.

By offering interactive touch screen and kiosk solutions you are turning visitors into participants. Their memorable digital experiences will be a talking point for referral business and future opportunities. Encouraging visitors to interact with content such as games, quizzes or even AR (augmented reality) will draw them in to experience exhibits to their full extent.

Touch Screen Applications for Museums

Interactive Video Walls

Immerse visitors in another world. Museums can take their visitors on a journey through exhibitions with modern touch screen technology. Video walls empower visitors to learn on a visual and touch basis.

Table Top Exploration

For some people a flat horizontal surface is the perfect way to interact with exhibitions, hand and finger gestures may also be easier depending on the visitor’s age. Allow them to not only learn interactively but it has a fun element to the experience as well.

Hands on Experience

Holding a touch screen in your hands is a fun learning experience that appeals to all ages. Adapt content on the fly and have a rotation of great interactive experiences that visitors can access at the touch of a finger. The touch screen sizes of 10”, 15” or 21” are perfect for this.

Freestanding Kiosks

Engage visitors on a deeper level with a freestanding commercial touch screen kiosk for museums, these kiosks range in sizes from 19” right up to 43” inch in some cases and they will improve engagement through physical interaction. Kiosks keep museums relevant in this digital age.

Touch Screen Solutions are Driving Museums into the Future

Touch screen solutions are an effective conversation starter while the interactive applications can engage your museum audience, and they come with the added benefit of measurable analysis. Not only can you monitor touch screen usage, you can also collect valuable data about your visitors and their interaction times and habits.

Video content is now a must in any businesses marketing and promotion tool box, and touch screen monitors and touch screen kiosks are the perfect platform to share digital content and video with a wider audience. Use touch screens to guide customers through an exhibit and keep the traffic flowing, install small interactive rest points and a chance to interact with content.

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