Key Factors to Consider When Choosing An Indoor Touch Screen Monitor

The Ultimate Guide

How do you choose the right indoor touch screen monitor for your business? With so many options available, it’s a question on everyone’s lips. Well, we’re here to provide you with some clarity and guide you through the process of choosing. Let’s take a look at the key factors to consider when choosing an indoor touch screen monitor, the different types available, and the accessories to match.

The Key Considerations 

There are lots of elements to consider when choosing the right touch screen monitor for your application. Let’s take a look at some of the key considerations;

  • Touch screen monitor size – How big do you need the indoor touch screen to be?
  • Type of touch screen – How big is the space available where the indoor touch screen monitor will be placed? Would a freestanding option be the right choice? Or would a countertop or wall-mounted option suit your environment better?
  • Screen orientation – Would a landscape or portrait touch screen orientation be more suitable for your application?
  • Touch screen technology – Does the touch screen you are considering have the latest technology available? Do you need the latest technology for your application?
  • Software – Is your software compatible with the touch screen monitor?
  • Hygiene – With the potential of so many hands touching the screen, how easy is it to clean? Is the unit sealed to prevent dust, dirt, and grime from entering the internal components?
  • Tamperproof – How robust is the touch screen monitor? Is it tamperproof? Can it be secured to prevent theft? What materials are used to construct the touch screen?
  • Serviceability – How easy will it be to arrange service requirements?
  • Warranty – What is the warranty period offered on the hardware components?

InTouch Touch Screen Monitors

From the smallest meeting room, to the largest showroom, and everything in between we have a touch screen monitor suitable for almost any business and any application. Let’s take a look at our trusted range of indoor touch screen monitors.

Commercial Touch Screen Range

Our commercial touch screen monitor range is one of the most modern looking on the market today. The pure flat edge-to-edge glass surface with rounded corners is met with silver trim for a very sleek finish. There are no raised edges, or sharp finishes so your content really is the focus on the screen. The on-screen image itself is sharp and crystal clear for a very professional look. Our touch screens are also built with reliability in mind and are suitable for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our touch screen monitors feature the latest fast response 10-point multi-touch technology that is really easy for customers to use. Simple finger movements of pinch, pan, zoom, and swipe allow users to navigate your application software with ease.

The other great bonus with these screens, available in sizes 10”, 15.6”, 19″, 21.5”, 32”, 43”, and 55”, is that they all have the same consistent design elements. This means that you can mix’n’match screen sizes for a coordinated look.

Some of the tech specs;

  • High-quality, commercial-grade components
  • Toughened glass suitable for high-traffic areas
  • No touch-point-drift and no calibration required, ever
  • Driver-free plug-and-play operation for Windows 10 and 11
  • VESA holes on rear for flexible mounting options, in either landscape or portrait orientation
  • 3-year RTB warranty

Ultra Thin Bezel Commercial Touch Screen Range

The larger touch screens in our range, available in sizes 32”, 43”, and 55” now come with one of the thinnest bezels on the market today of just 8mm. The thin bezel provides maximum visual impact creating a near full-screen experience. It’s the next generation when it comes to touch screens, and very impressive especially when you are putting your best foot forward to win a new piece of business.

Our ultra thin bezel commercial touch screen monitor range comes with all of the features mentioned above. The screen can be wall mounted, or for flexibility, fixed to a mobile stand so it can easily be moved from one area to another.

INTS550-4K Mobile Stand

Bespoke White Touch Screen Range

Offering all the features of our commercial touch screen monitors as noted above, our bespoke white frame touch screen range offers a visually appealing point of difference. Available in 10”, 15”, 17”, 19”, and 22”, the finish on these touch screen monitors may be more suitable for your environment.

Touch Screen Monitor Accessories

We are not just about touch screens, we also provide compatible accessories to compliment our touch screen monitor products. Our accessories range includes various styles to suit your environment, touch screen size, and preferred orientation.

  • Desktop stands – Our desktop top stands come in two colours. The silver stands match the silver trim on our touch screens, or choose a black stand that complements the screen bezel. Either way, the angle of the screen can be adjusted.
  • Mobile floor stands – Touch screens mounted to mobile floor stands make it very easy to move from one meeting room to another. A mobile floor stand is also ideal in display scenarios that are regularly changed like in retail stores, museums, exhibitions, or temporary installations. Ideal for large touch screen solutions.
  • Slimline floor stands – Slimline floor stands suit touch screen sizes from 15” to 22”. With such a small footprint, they offer a neat solution for any environment, and are lightweight so can be easily moved around.
  • Wall mounts – We offer a wide range of wall mounts for our touch screens to suit landscape and portrait orientations, and even have ones that allow the screen to be tilted, ideal for rooms where guests could be seated or standing.

The Purchase Process

Once you have considered all the features that you require in your new touch screen monitor project, and researched the different types available it’s very easy to place your order;

    1. Choose your touch screen size
    2. Choose your orientation
    3. Choose your accessories
    4. Request a quote


If you would like to look at the options available for your indoor touch screen requirements in more detail, our sales team would be happy to chat with you. Drop them a line [email protected] or call 1300 557 219 today.