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One of the most common questions customers ask a business with a large building footprint is ‘How do I get to (a specific location)?’ This simple question can be very time-consuming and repetitive for customer service staff who have to provide directions several times a day. Equally, customers can become frustrated if the directions provided are not clear or they take a wrong turn and they become lost. Many businesses are turning to Wayfinding Kiosks to ease the burden on front of house staff and provide accurate easy-to-follow building directions for their customers. Let’s take a look at how interactive Wayfinding Kiosks are transforming the way we navigate our way around large multi-level premises.

What is a Wayfinding Kiosk?

Wayfinding Kiosks, also known as Directory Kiosks, help users find their way around unfamiliar environments with ease. The digital solution provides visual directions using interactive maps so a user can just follow the instructions displayed on the touch screen. The interactive touch screen is easy to use. Users just need to simply touch the screen with a single finger to activate the application and find directions to the location they are looking for.

Wayfinding kiosks can also be used to display other useful information, like the facilities available at the premises such as food outlets and bathroom amenities. The kiosks can also promote upcoming events or special promotions. The large front fascia can be branded providing a great marketing opportunity, or a backing board added to offer additional information at the rear of the kiosk.

Replacing the need for information desks with customer service staff, Wayfinding Kiosks can be found in hospitals, shopping centres, universities, museums, airports, government or council offices, and other large facilities where people may become disoriented or overwhelmed by the sheer size of the space.

Advantages of using Wayfinding Kiosks

Let’s take a look at some of the ways Wayfinding Kiosks help your customers and add value to your business.

Offer a Seamless Navigation Experience

Wayfinding Kiosks offer users a seamless navigation experience. Users simply choose their desired destination using the interactive application and then follow the step-by-step visual directions. The interactive maps can highlight the shortest route to the desired destination and indicate points of interest along the way. The kiosks provide information in real-time so users are always given the most accurate information. Interactive Wayfinding kiosks empower users to easily navigate large complex environments, reducing the frustration that can be associated with getting lost.

Reduce Human Error

A great advantage of using Wayfinding Kiosks is their ability to reduce human error when providing directions. By providing precise visual directions, the kiosks can eliminate misinterpretation or miscommunication which can lead to a user getting frustrated if they become lost. By eliminating human error, users can reach their destination quickly and stress-free.

Simplify Searches

Wayfinding Kiosk applications can offer interactive features to improve a user’s overall experience. Intuitive navigation menus allow users to easily choose their search preferences. For example, in a shopping centre, users can choose to find their desired destination by searching for the store name or by the store’s category. By allowing users to choose their search preferences, they are empowered with greater control over their navigation experience.

Save Time

In large environments where time is of the essence, Wayfinding Kiosks can play an important role in streamlining processes and improving efficiencies. For example, in an airport, a Wayfinding Kiosk can help passengers to locate terminals, gates, and other facilities quickly which can save them time. By reducing the amount of time spent searching for directions, the kiosks can create a stress-free environment and contribute to a positive travel experience. Similarly, in shopping centres, Wayfinding Kiosks can help shoppers locate stores easily so they can make the most of their shopping trip.

Provide Real-Time Updates and Alerts

Wayfinding Kiosks can be quickly updated to provide users with the most up-to-date accurate information. Wayfinding Kiosks in an airport, for example, can inform travellers about flight delays or gate changes. Providing users with the most accurate information creates a stress-free environment.

Available 24/7

Wayfinding Kiosks are extremely useful in premises that are open outside of normal business hours. When reception desks are closed, like after hours or on weekends, Wayfinding Kiosks can still offer visitors directions. Some large businesses also choose to place kiosks at unmanned entrances to provide an effective navigation service for their visitors.

Accessible for All Users

Wayfinding Kiosks are designed to be user-friendly regardless of any physical or cognitive ability or language barrier. The kiosks come in different sizes with different screen orientations, heights, and angles so they can be easily used by customers in a seated or standing position. Interactive touch screens with 10-point multi-touch technology allow users with visual impairments to zoom in and speakers can assist those with hearing difficulties. Applications can be designed to display information in multiple languages, making it easier for customers who speak a different language. The combination of these user-friendly features ensures that everyone can benefit from the convenience that Wayfinding Kiosks offer.

Save Staff Time

Providing Wayfinding Kiosks for users to interact with can save valuable staff time. With navigation questions being answered by the kiosks, staff can focus on other customer service questions and more important tasks. Reducing a staff member’s workload allows them to be more productive in other areas of the business. Wayfinding kiosks really are a win-win for customers and businesses.

Provide Valuable Data Insights

Businesses can gain valuable insights when customers use interactive kiosks. The data collected can be analysed and used to make operational improvements, determine popular destinations, improve customer experiences and help make marketing decisions, among other business decisions.

The Future of Wayfinding Kiosks to Make Navigation Easy

Wayfinding Kiosks are a valuable tool when it comes to providing directions for your customers. They create a user-friendly experience that eliminates human error from misunderstanding and miscommunication and empowers users with the ability to easily find their own way to their desired destination. With businesses being able to provide real-time up-to-date information for their customers and collect valuable insights to help better their business, it truly is a win-win digital solution to the everyday question of ‘How do I get to (a specific location)?’

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