Pros and Cons of Installing Touch Screen Monitor Technology

Important Factors to Consider

How Does A Touch Screen Monitor Work?

A touch screen monitor is a type of computer display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. This allows users to interact with the computer by touching the screen, which can make some operations, such as scrolling and selecting, easier and more intuitive than using a traditional computer mouse or keyboard. Touch screen technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more devices featuring this type of interface. There are many advantages to using touch screen technology, but there are also some disadvantages to consider.

Advantages of Installing Touch Screen Monitor Technology

One of the main advantages of touch screen technology is that it provides users with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Because users can directly interact with the screen using their fingers, they can easily perform a wide range of tasks without having to learn complex commands or use a keyboard and mouse. The intuitive nature of gestures and touch rather than physical buttons or controls, also mean that they can be more easily understood and used by a wider range of people. This can make touch screen monitors especially useful in public spaces, such as museums or information kiosks, where the user may not be familiar with touch screen technology, or in any applications that are exposed to the general public or where users may not have access to a keyboard and mouse.

Another advantage of touch screen monitor technology is that it can help to reduce both physical clutter and floorspace. Because touch screen displays can replace traditional input devices such as keyboards and mice, they can help to reduce the amount of space that is required for a given computer setup. This may be of value in retail environments, factories, and in any environment where space is often at a premium or where clutter is a disadvantage. At InTouch Screens we specialise in retail applications where space is often at a premium.

Additionally, touch screen technology can help to improve accessibility for users with disabilities. Because touch screen displays can be easily operated using a range of input methods, including touch, gestures, and even voice commands, they provide a more intuitive, natural and accessible form of interaction and can be a useful tool for users who may have difficulty using traditional input devices. This can help to make computing more accessible for a wider range of users. At InTouch Screens one of our core areas of expertise is in the Healthcare industry. We have installations in over 100 hospitals Australia wide, and can offer you significant experience in providing accessible solutions.

The intuitive nature of touch screen technology means that a touch screen monitor can also be more interactive, and engaging than traditional interfaces. Because the user is interacting directly with the device, they can see the impact of their inputs quickly and visually. This can make it easier for people to perform tasks on their devices, and can make many tasks more enjoyable. For example, one of our customers Mazda chose to use our touch screen kiosks to create an emotional connection with its vehicles by showcasing them in an interactive touch screen kiosk. The touch screen kiosk assisted buyers to customise, visualise and accessorise their car in an intuitive, enjoyable and visual format. Read the full Mazda case study here.

Another advantage of touch screen technology is that it allows for a more flexible and adaptable user interface. Because touch screen monitors respond to different gestures and inputs, the software can be easily customized to fit the needs of a particular application or user. This can make them more versatile than other forms of user interface, such as traditional buttons or controls, which are fixed and cannot be easily changed.

Finally, industrial touch screen monitors can be used in a wide range of environments, including wet or dusty environments where traditional buttons or controls may not be suitable. Our industrial touch screen kiosks can be ruggedised in a variety of ways, making them an ideal solution for industrial applications, public environments and any situation that requires a ruggedised computer interface.


KIO550L 55" Kiosk Retail Mazda Automotive 3D Visualisation

Disadvantages of Installing Touch Screen Monitor Technology

One disadvantage of touch screen technology is that a finger can be less precise than a mouse or other pointing device. This can make it challenging to perform tasks that require a high degree of precision, such as graphic design, photo editing, entering large amounts of text and some games. In most cases software needs to be written or adapted to be suitable for touch screens. A mouse may be able to click on a button that is just 2-4mm wide, whilst a button for a touch screen is usually bigger to give users the best experience.

Another disadvantage of touch screen technology is that it can be more expensive to purchase and replace than traditional input devices such as a keyboard and mouse. This is particularly true when cheap entry level equipment is purchased that can be easily damaged by rough handling, or overuse and needs to be replaced within a short period of time. It is for this reason that InTouch Screens offers commercial grade touch screen monitors that come with a 3 year 24×7 warranty, providing our customers with confidence that they have a long warranty regardless of how much use their touch screen has.

A further disadvantage of touch screen technology is that it can be susceptible to damage from impact, scratches, and other types of wear and tear. As noted above InTouch Screens supplies commercial grade touch screen monitors that incorporate high quality components throughout. One of these components is toughened glass, which is far more resistant than standard glass to scratches and impact. We also do all we can to design our touch screen kiosks in such a way that if one component fails, or is damaged, it can be easily swapped out for a replacement.

Another disadvantage of touch screen technology is that it can be more difficult to use while wearing gloves. Our touch screen monitors can be customised to work with many styles of globes, but we recommend to our customers to test our touch screens with their gloves before making a purchase in order to confirm that they provide their users with a good experience.


Overall, the advantages and disadvantages of touch screen technology will depend on the specific application and user needs. Touch screen technology can provide users with a more intuitive, user-friendly, fun and natural interface. It is a good use of floor space, and minimises clutter. It can be ideally suited to applications as diverse as factories, retail environments, corporate offices and healthcare facilities. However, it may not be suitable for all situations, especially when cheap entry level equipment is purchased. As with any technology, it is important for users to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether to use touch screen technology.

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