Queue Management Kiosks: The Complete Guide

Streamline customer queues the smart way

During peak times some businesses can really struggle to manage customer queues. We all know that first impressions count, so it’s important to give your customers the best first impression you can when they arrive at your premises. So, how does the modern-day business make a good first impression and manage the everyday challenge of customer queues? With the help of queue management kiosks to automate the process. In this article, we’ll look at what you need to know about queue management kiosks including the benefits, how businesses can efficiently manage queues and minimise wait times to improve customer service, and some of the best kiosks available on the market today.

What is a Touch Screen Kiosk?

Before we explore queue management kiosks, let’s first take a look at what a touch screen kiosk is.

A touch screen kiosk is a purpose-built solution that allows your customers to interact with your business on their own. The touch screen itself is easy to use. Your customers can view information on the screen and simply use their fingers to touch the screen to enter information.  A cleverly designed kiosk that houses the touch screen can come in a range of heights and configurations with optional peripherals available to suit your application.

What is a Queue Management Kiosk and How Do They Work?

A queue management kiosk is a touch screen kiosk specifically designed to manage customer queues efficiently. The kiosk can automate the process of greeting customers on arrival to keep the flow of visitors moving and reduce standing wait times which can improve a customer’s overall experience.

Once at the queue management kiosk, customers simply use their finger on the touch screen to check-in and reserve their place in line. Tickets can be printed, and customers directed to the right staff member for assistance. The kiosks can also provide real-time queue information like the number of customers ahead of them and their expected wait time. Queue management kiosks can also be configured to assist with appointment scheduling and processing payments.

Queue management kiosks are generally located at the main entrance of busy businesses like healthcare facilities, customer service centres, banks, government and council offices, student service centres, retail stores, airports, and other high-traffic service-orientated industries where people are required to wait in line. Queue management kiosks are also perfect for events where the check-in process can be arduous if there are long queues.

Advantages of Using Queue Management Kiosks

Using queue management kiosks to streamline the flow of customers to your business can offer benefits to both you and your customers.

For your customers;

  • Improve customer experience: Customers can quickly check in, get a ticket, monitor their place in the queue and take a seat comfortably waiting for their turn.
  • Minimise wait times: Queue management kiosks can reduce standing wait times and direct customers to the right staff member for assistance ensuring the service time is also fast and efficient.
  • Reduce customer frustration: A professional greeting on arrival and the knowledge of knowing when they will be served helps a customer to understand the situation and remove frustrations.

For your business;

  • Increased productivity: Queue management kiosks help to direct customers to the right staff member who is trained to assist with their enquiry. This allows staff members to serve customers quickly increasing the number of customers served each day.
  • Increased efficiency: Automating the queue management process can mean large numbers of customers can be served simultaneously.
  • Data collection: Queue management kiosks can collect valuable data on a customer’s preferences and behaviour. This data can be used to make business decisions and improve customer experiences.
  • Cost-effective: Queue management kiosks can be a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to manage queues efficiently. Kiosks require minimal staff assistance which can free up staff to do other critical tasks.

Best Queue Management Kiosks Available on the Market Today

These are our top three queue management kiosks available in the market today. Each kiosk offers unique features and benefits and can be tailored to suit your application. They also come with a 3-year RTB warranty.


The KIO190-19” touch screen kiosk is stylish with its slimline design, small footprint, smooth corners and flush finishes for easy cleaning. The robust tamper resistant design is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Key features;

  • Edge-to-edge industrial glass
  • 10-point multi-touch technology for ease of use
  • High-definition camera for photo capture
  • Built-in stereo speakers for assisted service
  • Solid steel construction, durable powder-coated finish
  • Key lockable access door
  • Freestanding design with option to bolt down the baseplate
  • Modular design for addition of various peripheral options

Take a look at how Happy Tel, a global leader in phone repairs, and smartphone accessories use the KIO190-19” touch screen kiosk in their retail stores for queue management.


The KIO215P-Slim has a sleek design with a small space-saving footprint and large viewable portrait touch screen.


KIO215P-SLIM queue management kiosks for Mitre 10


Key features;

  • Sophisticated floating screen design
  • 10-point multi-touch technology
  • Built-in speakers ideal for visual or hearing impaired customers
  • High clarity display with protective toughened glass ideal for continuous use
  • Robust steel construction for high-traffic areas
  • Key lockable access door, tamper resistant design
  • Modular design for addition of various peripheral options
  • Branding options available


The KIO320L-Slim has incredible form factor with a floating screen design to really draw your customers in. It’s visually appealing with soft corners, trendy tapers and edge-to-edge glass for easy cleaning, yet robust for public environments. It has also been ergonomically designed with the screen height and angle ideal for use by seated or standing guests.


Queue management kiosk

Key features;

  • New 8mm slim screen bezel
  • High clarity display with protective edge-to-edge toughened glass
  • Freestanding design with the option to bolt down base plate
  • Solid steel construction with commercial components
  • Cooled with a multi-speed fan and louvers
  • Power and data feed from wall or floor through the base plate
  • Key lockable access door, tamper resistant design
  • Modular design for addition of various peripheral options

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