Self-service Touch Screen Kiosks for the Hospitality Industry

Elevate your Customer’s Experience

Everyone in the hospitality industry strives to provide the very best experience they can for their customers. A great customer experience can lead to loyalty, repeat business, and free word-of-mouth marketing. Now, who doesn’t want that!

For many businesses in the hospitality industry, touch screen kiosks are adding value for customers, staff, and the overall business. Let’s take a look at who in the hospitality Industry is using touch screen kiosks, how they are using them, and which of the InTouch touch screen kiosks they are using. We’ve even got some great case studies from around Australia for you to review that look at the opportunities, the challenges, our involvement, and our solutions.

Why use a Touch Screen Kiosk?

For customers, touch screen kiosks can reduce wait times, increase satisfaction through a self-help experience, provide a seamless service, and offer assistance if staff are not available to help.

For hospitality businesses, touch screen kiosks can welcome guests on arrival, streamline workflows and processes through automation, reduce paperwork, save staff time which in turn can reduce labour fees and increase productivity in other areas, eliminate human error, create better communication, increase revenue through upselling opportunities, allow for easy scaling, collect real-time data and provide valuable business insights. Wow, that’s a lot!

Who in the Hospitality Industry uses Touch Screen Kiosks?

Touch screen kiosks can be used across all sectors of the hospitality industry for a variety of applications.

  • Food and beverage outlets like Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), cafes and restaurants use kiosks for self-order and self-pay, queue management, and product promotion.
  • Travel, tourism and recreation attractions use kiosks for queue management, wayfinding and directory, self-order and self-pay, visitor and contractor management, product promotion, and surveys to collect customer feedback.
  • Accommodation places use kiosks for self check-in and check-out, wayfinding and directory, product promotion, as digital concierge desks, in conference and meeting rooms, and for guest surveys.
  • Entertainment and recreation centres use kiosks for self check-in, visitor management, wayfinding, and product promotion.

3 of our Most Popular Touch Screen Kiosks used in the Hospitality Industry

Businesses in the hospitality industry really like these three touch screen kiosks from our large range. All of our touch screen kiosks;

  • Use the latest 10-point multi-touch technology that supports simple finger gestures of pinch, pan, zoom, and swipe for easy customer interactions.
  • Are compatible with Windows 10 and 11 to suit a range of applications.
  • Are designed, manufactured, built, and supported right here in Australia, and come with a 3-year return to base warranty.

KIO215P-CT 22”

The KIO215P-CT 22” self-order kiosk is a self-service countertop kiosk with the thermal receipt printer neatly integrated inside the kiosk for a tamper-resistant tidy appearance. The slim functional pedestal style body provides an elegant finish. Ideal for self-ordering systems especially in QSR, food courts, and cafes.

KIO215P-CT Touch Screen Kiosk

Key features:

  • 21.5” commercial grade portrait touch screen
  • Edge-to-edge glass with an elegant silver trim
  • Cooled with multi-speed fan and louvers
  • Key-lockable access doors for tamper-resistant design
  • Freestanding design with the option to bolt down the baseplate
  • Optional peripherals include thermal receipt printer, magnetic card reader, and EFTPOS terminal bracket.


The tall yet elegant KIO320P-SLIM touch screen kiosk is visually appealing with soft corners, attractive silver trim, and a floating screen design to really draw your customers in. Ideal for wayfinding, endless aisle, self-order, self-payment, and more.

KIO320P SLIM Kiosk

Key features:

  • Small space-saving footprint
  • Large 32” commercial grade portrait touch screen
  • Edge-to-edge glass with a thin 8mm bezel
  • Ergonomic screen height and angle
  • Interchangeable front fascia panels
  • Modular design for the addition of optional peripherals like a camera, scanner, thermal receipt printer, EFTPOS bracket, and more!


The KIO430L- SLIM touch screen kiosk is one of our newest kiosks. We’ve combined all of our favourite design features with the large 43″ commercial grade landscape touch screen ideal for wayfinding, product promotion, and other interactive applications.

Key features:

  • Thinnest bezel on the market today for maximum visual impact
  • Edge-to-edge protective toughened glass for easy cleaning
  • Freestanding design with the option to bolt down the baseplate
  • Robust steel construction, durable powder-coated finish
  • Key lockable access door, tamper resistant design
  • Branding opportunities available

Take a Look at our InTouch Hospitality Case Studies

We are very proud to have supported hundreds of hospitality businesses all over Australia with touch screen kiosk solutions to meet their requirements. Here are a few case studies for you to review.

  • Amora Hotel Brisbane – The Amora Hotel Brisbane required a commercial touch screen kiosk that could beautifully display their promotional material for their upcoming hotel renovations. Read the Amora Brisbane Case Study.
  • Dyson Group – Melbourne’s premier bus company Dyson Group required a durable touch screen kiosk that worked in conjunction with their automated employee management system from Jacob ERP. The software allows their 790 staff members to manage annual leave, log timesheets, check timesheets, check over time, and more. Read the Dyson Group’s Case Study.
  • Oliver’s Real Food – Oliver’s Real Food required a simple self-order kiosk to reduce queues and customer wait times in busy locations. The kiosks also allow for easy payment during busy times, can reduce staff costs, and decrease the burden on customer service staff. Read the Oliver’s Real Food Case Study.
  • Adelaide Metro – Adelaide Metro required touch screen self-serve kiosks for passengers to access timetables, route and fare information, and plan their trip. Read the Adelaide Metro Case Study.
  • Melbourne Zoo – The Macaw Takeaway Café at the Melbourne Zoo required a kiosk solution to assist and cut down wait times during the busy peak service periods. Read the Melbourne Zoo Case Study.

If you would like to explore which of our touch screen kiosks can be integrated with your hospitality business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team who would be happy to work with you to find the right solution. Drop them a line [email protected] or call 1300 557 219 today.