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Industry: Government

State: Statewide, NSW


Service NSW is a government executive agency that provides access to a wide range of NSW government services to residents in person, online, or over the phone. Joining forces with the Department of Customer Service in July 2019, they offer a one-stop-shop concept allowing residents to complete transactions like renewing a driver’s license or vehicle registration, applying for a Seniors card, birth, death or marriage certificate, or completing a Working with Children Check. Service NSW also offers over 70 NSW Government Cost of Living Rebate Programs, including Toll Relief, Creative Kids, and Active Kids vouchers.



Service NSW ‘Digital First’ Initiative  

Service NSW has over 110 stores located all throughout  NSW that allow customers to complete thousands of transactions every day. With an increasing  population and a growing number of services becoming available, especially in response to events like bushfires, floods, and COVID-19, Service NSW felt the need to develop a more advanced digital approach to be able to continue to evolve and serve their customers better. 

The ‘Digital First’ initiative combines a range of self-service solutions, dedicated driver knowledge test centres, mobile service centres, and small pop-up centres that continue to be rolled out state wide. 

InTouch worked closely with Service NSW to create a bespoke  white touch screen range, available in multiple sizes and also with the flexibility to neatly integrate an EFTPOS pin pad  for payments to meet the growing needs of their customers and provide a more convenient self-service option. The solutions focused on allowing customers to complete particular transactions themselves such as self-pay for a wide range of renewals and services. Additionally, the Driver Knowledge Tests for L’s and P’s are conducted on the InTouch screens in dedicated areas within every Service centre. 


Self-Service Centres 

The Opportunity 

With a growing population and an increase in services being offered by Service NSW there was a need to expand the number of physical retail centres available for customers to visit, especially in some of the fastest growing areas in the Sydney metropolitan area, and improve customer service standards.  

The Solution 

Service NSW has opened new one-stop-shop service centres with a modern ‘Digital First’ theme. The customer-centric design allows customers to choose from completing a transaction using a digital self-service solution, or having a more personal over-the-counter experience. The overall aim is to provide a better customer service experience and reduce customer wait times. 

Our Role 

InTouch is proud to have worked with Service NSW to supply a range of bespoke touch screen solutions that will continue to evolve into the future allowing Service NSW to respond quickly to natural disasters like bushfires, floods and COVID-19, as they arise. 

The digital experience includes our  bespoke white INDT215-W touch screens that are being used by customers sitting a computer-based knowledge test. The self-pay terminals are attached to  our bespoke white INDT190-W 19” touch screen monitor  on a custom white desktop stand and neat integration bracket for the  EFTPOS pin pad to enable easy self-pay transactions. Our white touch screen range compliments the new centre’s  interior design and meets the Service NSW brand guidelines. 


INDT215-W 21.5i" Touchscreen White Government Customer Service NSW


Dedicated Driver Knowledge Tests Centres

The Problem 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions meant that driving tests in NSW had to be suspended. This created a large backlog of residents who wanted to sit for a driver knowledge test including computer-based learner driver tests, practical provisional driver’s licenses, or biennial driving competency tests undertaken by the elderly.  

The Solution 

To ease the backlog of residents needing to take a driver knowledge test, a dedicated driver testing centre was established in St Mary’s. The cleverly designed St Mary’s service centre, a first of its kind, has the capacity to offer more than 1,000 computer-based examinations and 450 practical driving tests a week.  

Our Role 

InTouch is proud to work with Service NSW to supply a range of bespoke touch screen solutions for the new dedicated Driver Testing Centre in St Mary’s. 

Our bespoke white INDT215-W 21.5”  touch screens were installed for use by customers sitting a computer-based knowledge test. The white commercial-grade touch screen and desktop stand aesthetically complement the interior design of the new service centre and meet Service NSW branding guidelines. 

We also manufactured a bespoke white INDT190-W 19” touch screen monitor with a custom white desktop stand allowing customers to perform transactions at one of the many self-service terminals. Each of these touch screen monitors are fitted with an EFTPOS payment terminal for quick and easy transactions. 



Mobile Service Centres plus Small Format Kiosk Solutions 

The Opportunity 

There are over 110 Service NSW Service Centres available for residents to visit however for some in regional areas and remote locations, these centres are still too far away. NSW residents who need to visit a Service NSW centre for an in-person interaction would need to plan a day trip just to complete the transaction. 

The Solution 

Bring the service to the people! Service NSW intuitively designed mobile service centres and small format kiosk solutions to be able to bring the Service NSW service to their customers. 

In 2022, Service NSW launched the first four mobile service centres to cater for customers in remote and regional areas or disaster-affected communities. The mobile service centres offer similar services to the physical sites including driver knowledge tests, photo ID card applications, and access to the government rebate programs and vouchers, amongst other services. 

In disaster-affected areas, or where there is potential for a permanent store, Service NSW install small format kiosks for customers to use. The small pop-up style kiosks help to educate communities on how to complete digital transactions from home, saving time for all involved. Small format kiosk solutions have been set up in locations like rural shopping centres, libraries, and council buildings or in disaster areas where an actual store has been damaged. 

The convenience of the mobile service centres and small format kiosk solutions save customers time and money, making their customers feel like they are really being cared for.  

Our Role 

InTouch is proud to have worked with Service NSW to help regional and remote communities where there is no Service Centre close by. 

Each of the mobile service centres are fitted with INDT190-W and INDT215-W white touch screen monitors on our extra-heavy duty colour-matched desktop stands allowing customers to sit computer-based driver knowledge tests and complete self-service transactions, just like in the physical Service NSW stores. 

The small format kiosks use our white INDT190-W touch screens with EFTPOS pin pads integrated for customers to complete transactions on. 

The white commercial-grade touch screen and desktop stand aesthetically complements the design of the new mobile service centres and pop-up kiosks and meets Service NSW branding guidelines. 

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