Staff Shortages Fixed with Self-service Digital Kiosks

Digitally Bridging the Staff Gap

If you are in the customer service industry you’ll more than likely have first-hand experience in the labour shortage crisis everyone is talking about. COVID certainly did have an impact on businesses in many different ways. Retailers and restaurants have been creative in how they respond to staff shortages. Short-term solutions have seen offerings of increased wages and additional staff perks. Other businesses have chosen to look at long-term solutions, like investing in self-service touch screen digital kiosks where processes can be automated and staff tasks reduced, resulting in real savings. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the long-term self-service staff shortage solutions.

Self-service Digital Kiosks

Self-service digital kiosks are essentially point-of-sale systems where customers can place their own orders and pay for them independently without the need for service staff. The contactless self-order, self-pay process allows customers to interact directly with your business at a time and pace that is convenient to them.

Self-service touch screen kiosks are becoming very popular in customer-facing businesses like retail stores and restaurants, and offer many benefits for both the customer and service staff.

Customers take great satisfaction in being able to help themselves. Using just their finger to operate the digital kiosk, they can personalise their order without feeling embarrassed, consider their purchase without feeling rushed to make a decision, and feel satisfied that they have had complete control over their purchase. It’s empowering.

Staff have a different experience with self-service digital kiosks in their workplace. Their time is freed up from repetitive actions allowing them to focus on other activities that benefit from human interactions. They also feel less pressure, and less stretched during busy times with the assistance of digital kiosks serving customers for them.

Bonus Benefits for the Business

When investing in resources for your business you want to make sure the return on investment is beneficial. Let’s take a look at the many ways your business can benefit from investing in self-service digital kiosk solutions.

  • Improved customer experiences
    • Automated key front-of-house processes deliver a consistent hassle-free customer experience.
    • Customers like the convenience of serving themselves.
    • Wait times are reduced through efficient processes.
    • Loyalty is built through accurate and fast experiences.
  • Increase revenue and profitability
    • Self-service touch screen solutions have been known to increase the customer’s average spend by offering upselling or cross-selling opportunities visually.
    • Automated processes lower operational and overhead business costs.
    • Labour fees are reduced as fewer staff are required, which in turn reduces training requirements.
    • Human error becomes eliminated, facilitating more accurate orders and less wastage.
    • Orders can be received faster increasing productivity.
  • Reliable and robust
    • Self-service digital kiosks do not take sick days or holidays so you can rely on them to perform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Automated processes remove human error enabling accurate information and orders to be collected.
  • Receive great customer insights
    • The data produced provides insights into customer trends like the busiest time of the day and the most popular products. Reliable metric information like this can be used to decide if products need tweaking or removing altogether, or when to host promotions to encourage sales.
    • Insights can be gained into customer behaviours and preferences allowing services to be personalised.
  • Scalability
    • Digitalising repetitive tasks allow businesses to easily expand.
    • The latest trends can be quickly incorporated.

Types of Self-service Digital Kiosks

These three self-service touch screen kiosk options are suitable for retail outlets and quick service restaurants. They all offer the latest 10-point multi-touch technology that supports simple finger gestures of pinch, pan, zoom, and swipe for easy customer interactions. And our products are compatible with Windows 10 and 11.

It’s also important to note that our kiosks are designed, manufactured, built and supported right here in Australia, and come with a 3-year warranty.

KIO-LITE 215L Compact Touch Screen Kiosk

LIO-LITE215L Eftpos Kiosk

The KIO-LITE 215L compact touch screen solution offers a flexible kiosk with a small footprint. Able to sit on countertops, with the option to bolt down the base plate, the kiosk can be customised with a range of peripherals to suit your business.

  • Modular design for adaptability
  • Landscape 21.5” screen orientation for visual ease
  • Toughened glass to withstand high-traffic public spaces
  • Edge-to-edge glass for easy cleaning
  • Neat cable management
  • Optional peripherals include 2D barcode scanner, HD camera, EFTPOS terminal bracket, receipt printer, magnetic card reader, and mini PC.

KIO215P-CT – 22″ Touch Screen Kiosk

KIO215P-CT - 22" Touch Screen Digital Kiosks

The KIO215P CT 22” self-order kiosk is a self-service countertop kiosk solution with the thermal receipt printer neatly integrated inside the kiosk for a tamper-resistant tidy appearance. The slim functional pedestal style body provides an elegant finish.

  • 21.5” portrait screen orientation
  • Edge-to-edge glass with an elegant silver trim
  • Powder coat finish with the branding options available
  • Cooled with multi-speed fan and louvers
  • Key-lockable access doors for tamper-resistant design
  • Optional peripherals include thermal receipt printer, magnetic card reader, and EFTPOS terminal bracket.

KIO320P – 32″ Slim Portrait Touch Screen Kiosk

KIO320P - 32inch Slim Portrait Touch Screen Digital Kiosks

The KIO320P-Slim 32” slim portrait kiosk is the newest addition to the InTouch range. Our in-house design team has incorporated a floating screen design that really draws customers in.

  • New 8mm slim screen bezel
  • High clarity display with protective edge-to-edge toughened glass
  • Freestanding design with the option to bolt down base plate
  • Power and data feed from wall or floor through the base plate
  • Four interchangeable front fascia’s to suit your needs
  • Optional peripherals include magnetic card reader, QR/ barcode scanner, thermal receipt printer, and fixed and adjustable camera mounting options

Choosing the Right Digital Kiosk Solution

We appreciate there can be a lot to consider when choosing the right touch screen kiosk for your business so you might find this article on Choosing the right touch screen monitor kiosk for your application very helpful, it’s only a 2 minute read.

Integrating self-service technology into your business is a long-term solution that can be used to offset labour shortages, enhance customer service experiences and provide you with valuable business insights. If you would like to look at the options available for your business in more detail, our sales team would be happy to chat with you. Drop them a line [email protected] or call 1300 557 219 today.