Ultimate Guide to Anti-Reflective Touch Screen Monitors

Reviewing the pros and cons

How do Anti-Reflective Touch Screen Monitors Work?

Anti-reflective glass is a solution that is offered for touch screen monitors and touch screen kiosks that are situated in locations with high ambient light or bright sunlight. Anti-reflective glass may at times be useful in touch screen monitors that are located in showrooms or other locations with very bright lighting, or where the touch screen monitor needs to be placed into a situation of bright sunlight.

To achieve the anti-reflective qualities, the glass is manufactured with a matt finish. The matt finish is less shiny and reflective than the standard glass we usually use, and reduces and diffuses glare and reflection. This means that if the sun is shining on the anti-reflective touch screen glass, it will be less distracting to the user since it will be more disbursed, making it easier for the user to read and view the display.

Some of our customers have expected that the anti-reflective qualities would be from a layer or film that is applied after the manufacturing process. But this is not correct. The anti-reflection is a quality of the type of glass that is built into the touch screen monitor, as part of the manufacturing process.

Anti-reflective glass has no impact on our projective capacitive PCAP touch screen monitor technology, which works seamlessly with the anti-reflective glass. The PCAP touch screen technology actually sits below the glass, and works through the anti-reflective glass. PCAP touch screen technology is not built into the glass itself.

Pros and Cons of Touch Screen Monitors with Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-reflective glass is usually only considered by customers with a requirement for their touch screen monitors to be located in locations of extreme ambient light or direct sunlight. In most cases this is a highly lit showroom, or a room with large windows or glass walls and without any type of shading from the sun.

The reason why most customers do not require anti-reflective glass is because it has the disadvantage of a small reduction in the clarity, sharpness or vibrancy of the images on the touch screen monitor. The impact is often not obvious when viewing a touch screen monitor with anti-reflective glass on its own. However, when a touch screen monitor with anti-reflective glass is placed side by side with the same touch screen monitor without anti-reflective glass, it is possible to discern a small reduction in the clarity, sharpness or vibrancy of the images.

For this reason InTouch Screens recommends to the vast majority of customers that they proceed with a touch screen monitor without anti-reflective glass. Our touch screen monitors are renowned for their vibrancy, sharpness and image clarity, and we want to provide the users of our customers with the best possible experience.

If customers are keen to proceed with the anti-reflective glass in their touch screen monitor, then we encourage them to view both options side by side first. This can be done in the InTouch Screens showroom.

If you are considering anti-reflective glass for your touch screen project, then we welcome you to come and view our extensive range of commercial grade touch screen monitors, with and without anti-reflective glass, in our showroom.


Anti-Reflective Touch Screen Monitors

Toughened Glass and Anti-Reflective Glass

As mentioned above, PCAP technology sits below the glass in our touch screen monitors. Since it sits below the glass, and isn’t incorporated into the glass, toughened glass is able to be used in touch screen monitors using PCAP technology. The toughened glass also has no impact on the operation of the touch screen since the PCAP touch screen technology sits below the glass. It also has no noticeable impact on the clarity, sharpness or vibrancy of the images. Toughened glass provides scratch and impact resistance to our touch screen monitors and is an important feature, especially for touch screen monitors that are used in public or industrial environments.

At InTouch Screens toughened glass is a standard feature of our touch screen monitors. But due to the issues discussed above, anti-reflective glass is an optional feature.

Industrial Touch Screen Monitors

InTouch Screens supplies a range of industrial touch screen monitors. These monitors are designed for harsh environments, such as factories, mines, warehouses and anywhere that requires rugged touch screen solutions. Anti-reflective glass is rarely used in industrial touch screen monitors as most of these situations do not have the sunlight or lighting issues that necessitates the anti-reflective qualities. However, if your industrial touch screen project requires an anti-reflective solution, then please speak to our touch screen experts. We are able to produce custom runs of most of our range with anti-reflective glass if required.

Retail Environments

InTouch Screens supplies a variety of touch screen monitor and touch screen kiosk solutions that are designed specifically for retail situations. Retail situations are the most common application for anti-reflective glass. Dedicated showroom lighting, large windows, and glass walls are an ideal environment for anti-reflective glass to be used in your touch screen solution.

All of our touch screen monitors are commercial grade. This means that the internal components are high quality, and built and warranted for 24 hour operation. Our retail touch screen solutions incorporate toughened glass by default. But anti-reflective glass is an option. Please speak to us about whether this is the ideal solution for your touch screen project.

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