Why Install Healthcare Self-service Touch Screen Kiosks?


The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to improve the patient experience. One way that many hospitals and clinics are doing this is by installing self-service touch screen kiosks. These touch screen solutions can provide a range of benefits for both patients and healthcare providers and can help to streamline many different processes within the healthcare industry.

Benefits of Healthcare Touch Screen Kiosks 

1. Reduced Wait Times:

One of the main benefits of touch screen kiosks is that they can significantly reduce wait times for patients. Traditional check-in processes can often be time-consuming, with patients having to fill out paperwork and wait in line to speak with a receptionist. With a touch screen kiosk, patients can quickly and easily check-in for their appointments by inputting their personal information and confirming their appointment details. Additionally touch screen wayfinding kiosks can help patients easily and quickly navigate to where they are trying to go, rather than waiting for a staff member to be available to direct them.

2. Increased Accuracy:

Another benefit of self-service touch screen kiosks is that they can improve the accuracy of patient information. When patients fill out paperwork, it needs to be manually entered by staff, and there is a risk of errors being made, which can lead to confusion and delays. With a touch screen kiosk, patients can input their information directly into the system, reducing the risk of errors. Additionally, touch screen solutions can also be programmed to prompt patients for specific information, ensuring that all relevant information is captured.

3. Increased Accessibility:

Another important benefit of self-service touch screen kiosks is their accessibility. Touch screen kiosks can help to reduce frustration and stress for patients, including those who may be unfamiliar with hospital processes or who have difficulty communicating with staff.

      1. Multilingual Accessibility Information displayed in a touch screen monitor can be multilingual, making the information accessible for those who are more comfortable reading in other languages. The user simply selects a flag or language name on the touch screen monitor and then are able to just as easily interact with the touch screen monitor as English speakers.
      2. Accessibility for the vision impaired Information on a touch screen monitor can also be displayed in various larger font sizes making the information more accessible for the vision impaired. If the font is too small the user can easily select a larger font size and interact just as easily with the touch screen kiosk as those with no vision impairments.
      3. Wheelchair accessibility Wheelchair-accessible touch screen kiosks are designed to accommodate individuals who use wheelchairs and have mobility impairments. At InTouch Screens we have a number of options available for the Australian market. Wheelchair-accessible kiosks provide individuals with mobility impairments with the ability to access information and perform tasks independently, improving their independence and self-sufficiency.
      4. Accessibility for those without a personal device for accessing the internet Touch screen kiosks are an accessible option for those who may not have their own device with access to the internet. This can be for a variety of reasons. Often these patients have no other alternative than asking a staff member for assistance. But a self-service touch screen kiosk enables them to retain their independence.
      5. Accessibility for the hearing impaired Integrating a hearing feature into a touch screen kiosk can make it more accessible for individuals with hearing loss and improve their experience while using the kiosk. This would make the touch screen kiosk more accessible for individuals with hearing loss, as they would be able to hear the audio from the kiosk directly through their hearing aids.

4. Increased Efficiency and Labour Savings:

In addition to the benefits for patients, touch screen kiosks can also improve the efficiency of healthcare operations. When patients enter their information directly, there are immediate, measurable savings in terms of staff administration time. In addition, touch screen kiosks can be programmed to process payments, provide directions and many other repetitive activities that staff is spending time on. This can help to reduce administrative tasks for staff and improve the overall flow of patients through the facility. This not only provides cost savings to the healthcare facility but frees up their staff to provide an increased level of service to their patients.

5. Customizable & updateable:

An additional advantage of touch screen solutions is that they are highly customizable and easily updatable. Physical signage needs to be replaced each time something changes. Which can be costly and can mean that signage is missing for a period of time. But a touch screen kiosk can be updated in seconds with the information being immediately available in all locations. A change of logo, color, name, location or other particulars can be easily updated. Another language can be added to the multilingual features. Additional features can often be added as well such as a barcode scanner or card reader or RFID reader.

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