Advantages Of Industrial Touch Screens Over Normal Displays

The all-in-one superior solution

Industrial touch screens are becoming part of our everyday life, especially with more and more businesses realising the benefits to customers and staff, but do you choose an industrial grade product or a normal display like a standard screen monitor, for your application? Let’s look at what makes a touch screen industrial grade, the top features, the key advantages, and who is using them.

What are Industrial Touch Screens?

Before we look at the advantages of an industrial touch screen, let’s first establish what makes a touch screen industrial grade.

Industrial grade touch screens are built from superior materials to stand the test of time. Our touch screens are purpose-built with high-quality, commercial grade components and toughened glass with a stylish silver trim frame. The strength of the materials we use gives business owners comfort knowing that our products will survive harsh operating conditions, like those found in a factory or warehouse setting. Our products are also rugged enough for use in high-traffic areas like public spaces.

Top Features of Industrial Touch Screens

The top features of our industrial touch screens include;

  • Pure flat bezel free design with edge-to-edge glass
  • Minimalist design that allows your content to speak for itself
  • Consistent design elements featured in all sizes, 10” – 55”
  • Fast, responsive 10-point multitouch capacitive technology
  • Driver-free plug-and-play operation for Windows 10 and 11
  • No touch-point-drift and no calibration required, ever
  • VESA holes on rear for flexible mounting options
  • Elegant rounded corners with attractive silver trim

Key Advantages of Industrial Touch Screens

Easy to Use, Engaging & Interactive

One of the biggest differences between an industrial touch screen and a standard display monitor is that an industrial touch screen acts as an input and an output device all on its own.

Using 10-point touch technology, users are able to control the screen with fingertip gestures like pinch, pan and zoom to easily interact with content directly on the screen. This removes the need for a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse, just for a user to be able to navigate the device. The all-in-one touch screen solution is not only more convenient to use, it’s also visually appealing which attracts users and sparks a sense of excitement.

In some cases, like a workplace, interactive technology speeds up processes saving time, which is a direct cost-saving to the business. And in other situations, like customer-facing scenarios, interactive technology can keep a user more engaged to really connect with your brand and products.

Space-Saving, Secure & Easy to Install

Removing the need for separate monitors, keyboards and mouses, touch screens naturally save space, and offer a tidy solution as there are no messy cords to try and organise.

Floor standing touch screen kiosk designs are compact and offer flexibility to be placed where there is room available, plus they are portable and can be easily moved if your floor plan changes. Our kiosks, designed right here in Australia by our very own experienced team, offer tamper-resistant features with no exposed screws or rivets and have key-lockable access doors and secure PC access panels.

Desktop or wall-mounted touch screens can be safely secured at a convenient eye-catching level. These options do not require any floor space, but can be a little harder to move if your floor plan changes.

All of these three options are very easy to install.

Robust and Durable

Industrial grade touch screens are designed for constant use 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This means the technology behind the screen is designed for a single image to remain on the screen for long periods of time and not have an effect on the screen’s ability to produce a crystal clear sharp image. Often standard grade touch screens do not use this technology and can ‘burn out’ quickly or ‘over-heat’ compromising the quality of the image on the screen.

Industrial grade screens are also resistant to liquids and surface contaminants which can be harmful to the components inside.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike a standard display with lots of components, like a separate screen, keyboard and mouse, an industrial touch screen is easy to clean with alcohol/isopropyl products. The flat bezel-free edge-to-edge glass screen has a smooth surface that can quickly be wiped over. There are no nooks and crannies that collect dust, grime and dirt that can be hard to clean. Given today’s COVID environment, this is a really important factor. Here’s a little more about using touch screens in a COVID environment.

Range of Sizes

Our touch screens currently come in seven different sizes from 10” to 55” allowing you to successfully mix’n’match screens to suit different applications. This creates a constant professional look that is visually appealing to your customers.

Customisable Features / Optional Peripherals

Unlike standard screen monitors, our screens come with built-in speakers. It is also very easy to add optional peripherals to kiosk solutions to develop a bespoke solution for your application. These can include;

  • Kiosk PC
  • Integrated camera
  • Thermal label printer
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Magnetic card reader
  • RFID reader
  • EFTPOS payment terminal bracket
  • 2D barcode or QR code scanner


Long Life Span Supported by a 3-Year Warranty Period

We are so confident in the reliability and construction of our touch screens we offer a 3-year RTB (return to base) warranty that gives you peace of mind. This is a really important factor when you think that these screens can be in constant use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This generous warranty is longer than most offered on standard screen monitors.

Who Is Using Industrial Touch Screens?

Almost any business in any industry is able to use industrial touch screens to enhance their business for the staff, customers, and even contractors and visitors.

  • Healthcare
  • Government and councils
  • Education facilities
  • Museums
  • Retail
  • Workplace
  • Tourism
  • QSR
  • Mining
  • Property

The most common applications include check-in, visitor and contractor management, queue and visitor management, data visualisation, document management, wayfinding and directory, self-order and self-pay, product promotion, and video conferencing.

INDT215 21.5" Touch Screen QSR Self-order Thr1ve

With our industrial touch screens offering so many benefits over standard monitors, it’s no wonder we are one of Australia’s most trusted suppliers. If one of our off-the-shelf products is not quite right for your application, our in-house design team can work with you to create the perfect bespoke solution.

If we can assist you with any advice for your next touch screen project, contact one of our sales team on 1800 207 419 or email [email protected].